Tadesse hussein

Hi Marshal,
In September 2010,i attended the International Intensive Training in Albuquerque in new Mexico.After the training i returned back home to Africa, my life and work became more meaningful.I started practicing and using NVC in my Family,work,on the bus... .
1-My family:When i came back from the IIT,my wife gave birth to a baby boy,we named him Marshall Rosenberg.My daughter firdaus Tadesse is so inspired by NVC.She Joined high school this year and has started sharing NVC with her friends.She wrote on her trunk(school suitcase-Giraffe).I am doing certification program in NVC.
2.Work:I work for One school at a time.We partner with schools in Uganda in the rural ares.I share NVC with 40 teachers,50 members of school boards.My work is now easier,the output is great and more people are requesting to learn NVC.In May,2012, Joe Bishop from Eastern Michigan University visited Uganda to asses the work of 1 school at a time.He wrote in his report(Tadesse's approach of Non-Vilent Communication (NVC)coupled with his personality and his emphasis on relationship building fit well with our approach).
Rosemary is a member of Parliament.after sharing with her NVC,she wants to join our practice group which i plan to start in July 2013.She also wants to take NVC to Parliament.
There is a lot to share and celebrate,i will continue to post on this page.

If we want Peace in the World,lets begin with children.
Thank you.

Tadesse Hussein
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