"I met Marshall for the first time at the last IIT he facilitated in September 2011 after beginning my study of NVC in 2005. The writings of his I had read suddenly came to life for me as this man walked into the room holding a guitar! I felt alive with love in that moment of finally seeing in person a man who had given a lifetime of service to humanity toward listening and expressing from one's heart. Awwww, I remember thinking, ""This is a beautiful moment to enjoy and just BE.""
Over the course of the 9 days, the 60 plus people assembled together from around the world in that beautiful room overlooking the mountain on the Albuquerque terrain, sensed we were witnessing something rare and something precious that may soon end. All my beloved IIT'ers in that room had moments of tenderness watching Marshall be with another human being as they moved into painful histories and be guided with loving gentle presence toward wholeness and transformation. If you've seen Marshall 'become' presence, you know what I mean.
As a member of NVC Nashville, I serve my community with a commitment of love toward making a difference in this world by touching compassion and holding a light for others to see it. My teacher is Marshall Rosenberg. I'll forever be too grateful for words to express. Lovingly,
carlene robinson"