marina j rose

I remember reading your book in 1996 and thinking, ""Wow, communicating that way makes sense. OK, I'll do it."" Hahaha! Then I learned how challenging it was for me to change cultural habits. I thought, ""Marshall must be a saint!""
But when I attended workshops with you at Lake Merritt what I really saw was your humanity. Seeing you make a mistake and then bring your experience of that into the workshop was very inspiring. Hearing you express that NVC is something you are constantly growing into helped me feel hopeful about making progress in my skill level.
You inspired me to lead an NVC group while I was learning instead of waiting still I ""mastered it"". It's very satisfying to know that some of the people in my group continued on to NVC Leadership Programs and have led their own NVC study groups.
Two things I'm grateful for that NVC has brought into my life: The skills I learned are an important part of my health care practice in California. And I love the depth of connection I experience with my empathy buddy of 7 years. Thank you!
Marina J. Rose"
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