Christina Onofrei

I'm from Romania - a country in SE Europe. I'm a teacher and a parent of 3 grown up wonderful girls. My first contact with NVC was last year in April when I participated at an international conference. It was the revelation of my life: I had the feeling that I found what I've been searching for all my life! After the conference I bought all the books that I could get about NVC and read them and studied them. I ordered more books that I could not get in my country, from international sites. Understanding better the NVC principles and starting to work on them, was a life change for me. I started to share about it to my children and I'm working on making them real in my relationship with my husband.
Making the NVC principles part of my life, gave me power to move on, and a purpose to live for. It is a real life enrichment to know how to express compassion and empathy, how to understand yourself and the fellow next to you. It stops judging people and it opens the door to empathy.
I have started to share the principles with other people than my family.
I thank God for giving Marshall the vision of these priciples and that he shared them with the whole world!
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