"OOOOh there are so many moments !!

I was walking through my lounge room to have a bath and the TV was on - I caught a glimpse of some news of the kind that I had tried to block out over many years - it was about the slaughter of many seals on an island here in Australia. It was believed to be fishermen who were ""killing off "" the threat to their fish socks. It was a gruesome story - the methods used etc.
I doubled over in pain as I stumbled towards the bath and got in it and felt like I was going to fill the bath with my tears - full and over the edge.
What could hold my pain and despair ?
As I watched as my pain try SO desperately to express itself through ideas of hatred and revenge and then magically, I began to watch my heart unfold into REAL pain. I wanted these people to be understood, heard and most of all to hear their own pain for what motivated them to do what they did and then get support to look for other ways to meet their needs for contribution, sustenance and support. ( what I guessed they were wanting)
The mourning I touched was SO deep with SO much permission.
I directly connect this shift in my heart to Marshall's many stories of working with people who are in prison and have done things motivated by their own pain and history.
I had been looking for this response - how else can I respond besides wanting cold blooded revenge ?
This was about 7 years ago after first meeting Marshall in New Zealand and just seeing the shift in my heart's response has fuelled the possibility in supporting others to do this daily. I am now an almost certified trainer.
Blessings to Marshall and ALL the folk who supported him and his work to get to me and continue to be so powerful."