I first met Marshall when I was studying at Webster University in Geneva Switzerland in 1988-89. Our psychology professor, Barry Childers brought Marshall to do a one-day workshop with us. I was mesmerized by this man who could approach conflict in such a simple manner, and of course his guitar playing and puppets. I felt that I had been touched by sheer magic in human relations as I had always been overwhelmed when spoken to in ways that were diminishing and I had no way of responding other than to go inside in pain, or to lash out in kind, which I seldom was able to do. I used his approach in several situations when I returned to live in Canada and was working as an internal auditor in a government department exposed to colleagues who would put my 'in my place' by the use of such language. In that gentle way, I would tell them what I felt when spoken to in such a way, and then tell them what I needed. The behaviour was never repeated by the same colleagues upon hearing how I was affected by their words.

That short class with Marshall transformed my life and provided for me a level of self empowerment that has led me, now many years later, to needing to spread the word, to offer practice groups, coaching and hopefully, before too long, certification as an instructor.

Many thanks to you, Marshall, for that beautiful gift presented to an international body of students in the small library at WUG all those years ago.

With much love and respect,

Aileen McKenna