2009 Minutes of the CNVC Board of Directors

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CNVC Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In attendance:
Board Members:      
Gail Taylor– Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (for check-in and early part of meeting)

Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (most of the meeting)

CNVC Communication Coordinator Glenda Mattinson (Canada – Ontario), Susan Livingston (US – Virginia), CNVC IT Coordinator Pan Vera (US – Vermont),

Facilitator:      Robert Gonzales / John Buck
Notetaker:      Elin Skappel

Summary of Action Items:

  1. Next meeting – To Be Determined
  2. Margo will contact a specific proposed Board Member and initiate a conversation with him in regards to joining the Board for an Applicant Period.
  3. Elin will start an e-mail discussion about the quarterly meetings proposals by making a preliminary draft and distribute it through the cnvcboard yahoogroup by January 15th.
  4. All Board Members will participate in the e-mail discussion on the proposed policies in the cnvcboard yahoogroup and a resolution will be made within two weeks (January 28th, 2009)
  5. Margo will communicate the Board’s request of the GCC to prepare a synopsis of the parts from the November In-Person Board Meeting that involve the global community.
  6. All Board Members will comment to each other through the cnvcboard yahoogroup on any internal matters from the November In-Person Board Meeting that they are not clear about.

Summary of Decisions:

  1. To process the feedback given to the Board through the Board’s feedback form on the website, the Board appoints the Board Secretary to be responsible for presenting the feedback to the Board during the initial summaries on the Board Agenda. If the Board Secretary is unavailable to present the feedback at a meeting, he/she will request another Board Member to present the feedback.

Future Agenda Items:

  • Review of our system for recruiting Board Members (how it is working to achieve the results we aim for, consideration of possible strategies, what it might look like to open a broader search for board members, compared to connecting to someone by recommendation of a Board Member, taking into consideration that our strategic plan is not completed, and also reviewing the information that is presented to new Board Members)

Announcements & Administrative Matters

  • Minutes of the November 13-16, 2008 Board meeting were accepted.

1. Financial Report

  • Financial statements have been emailed to the Board Members through the cnvcboard yahoogroup.

2. Review of Action Items/Status Report on Search for future Board Members
Action Item: Margo will contact a specific proposed Board Member and initiate a conversation with him in regards to joining the Board for an Applicant Period.
Future Agenda Item: Review of our system for recruiting Board Members (how it is working to achieve the results we aim for, consideration of possible strategies, what it might look like to open a broader search for board members, compared to connecting to someone by recommendation of a Board Member, taking into consideration that our strategic plan is not completed, and also reviewing the information that is presented to new Board Members)

3. Proposal for Quarterly Board Meeting
Action Item: Elin will start an e-mail discussion about the quarterly meetings proposals by making a preliminary draft and distribute it through the cnvcboard yahoogroup by January 15th.
Action Item: All Board Members will participate in the e-mail discussion on the proposed policies in the cnvcboard yahoogroup and a resolution will be made within two weeks (January 28th, 2009)

4. Review of November In-Person Board Meeting
Synopsis/summary of the meeting:  There were a number of thoughts raised concerning the totality of the NVC community, and some decisions internal to the board. We need a synopsis of this rich material. We ask that the GCC prepare a synopsis of the parts that involve the global community (from both international calls and the rest of the four day In Person Meeting), and that the Board Members comment to each other through the cnvcboard yahoo-group on any internal matters that they are not clear about.
Action Item: Margo will communicate the Board’s request of the GCC to prepare a synopsis of the parts from the November In-Person Board Meeting that involve the global community.
Action Item: All Board Members will comment to each other through the cnvcboard yahoogroup on any internal matters from the November In-Person Board Meeting that they are not clear about.
5. Communication Coordinator Report

  • Elin distributed this report to the cnvcboard yahoogroup during the meeting, including an attachment with the feedback the Board has received from the network through the Board Feedback Form on the website.

Observations and Needs:

  • The NVC Community is invited to provide input and feedback to CNVC Governance Teams, including the Board, through the Feedback Forms on the website.  Each CNVC Governance Team needs to determine its process for review and inclusion of this material in its decision-making.
  • The Communication Coordinator extracts the information from the Board feedback forms and attaches this as an Excel file to the Communication Report prepared for each Board Meeting.
  • Needs: shared understanding, awareness, connection

Decision: To process the feedback given to the Board through the Board’s feedback form on the website, the Board appoints the Board Secretary to be responsible for presenting the feedback to the Board during the initial summaries on the Board Agenda. If the Board Secretary is not available to present the feedback at a meeting, he/she will request another Board Member to present the feedback.
Term: 12 months

Meeting Measurements
Marshall – Overwhelmed by the meeting, lost in the abstractions. 
Valentina – Exhausted, this felt like a four hour meeting, not a two hour meeting, I celebrate for some of the areas we did cover, but am also overwhelmed with confusion.
Susan –Concerned about the proposed decision of quarterly meetings, there is a lot going on and I believe it would be more digestible in more frequent, shorter meetings.
Pan – Pondering ways to organize information, especially the decisions that the Board has made.
Glenda – Many significant things were tackled. I really like the idea about getting greater clarity about the delineation between Board responsibilities and the responsibilities of the Leadership Team and its members.
John – Look forward to the minutes on the proposal to go to quarterly meeting, concerned about that.
Robert – I think that we made some progress on this meeting. We dealt with important items and developing clarity. We could have spent more time on the Communication Coordinator’s report. The meeting was a bit cumbersome but we are dealing with the follow-up of a very significant meeting.
Margo – I feel good about the tone of the meeting and the way topics were addressed. I appreciate the compassion and willingness to bring up what is important, and to keep working towards joint clarity and moving forward and feel that today’s meeting helped us accomplish that. Robert I appreciate the way you facilitated the meeting, helped us move along in the timing, with care and concern that everyone were heard.
Gail – Robert, thank you for how you helped the space in facilitation. Pleased and delighted about the meeting, today has amplified the need for clarity between the Board’s intentions and policies, and what we want the Leadership Team, Admin Team and GCC to handle. Grateful for the way the discussion flowed and the collaboration. One of the things I would have enjoyed going a little smoother, is shared tracking on if we are making a policy discussion, if we are discussing strategies, or if we are discussing concerns about strategies. I am concerned about the amount of time this takes on the calls and wanting more shared holding of that. 

The meeting was convened 1:00 PM MST
The meeting was adjourned 3:05 PM MST

CNVC Board of Directors CLOSED Meeting
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In attendance:
Board Members:      
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Gail Taylor – Board Member

Facilitator:      John Buck
Notetaker:      Elin Skappel

Financial situation / Trainer situation

  • A Trial Balance was sent out with the invitation to the Board Meeting.
  • Currently, the majority of CNVC’s income comes from Marshall’s trainings. The income from these trainings have gone down 40% compared to earlier years; the number of IITs have been cut down from 12 to 9 per year, and max number of participants lowered from 85 to 50.
  • We started to put together a Training Team a year ago, as a way to create another source of income to support CNVC. CNVC is currently not making money. An initial loss was expected.
  • We are working on new ways to market and manage requests for trainings. 
  • While we are looking to increase the number of trainers on staff, we are also exploring other options, i.e. a system where we can organize certain trainings by contracting certified trainers on a case by case basis/for single events. 
  • Note from Stefan: Some companies do not list their consultants on their website, to avoid people contacting the consultants directly in order to get a cheaper quote.

Admin Team Activities

  • Support and coordination of  Leadership Team by holding 2 meetings per month, with coordinators from each Leadership Team (IT Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, GCC Coordinator, Director of Educational Services and CNVC Office Representative).
  • Educational Services Team: Working with Rita (Herzog), re-evaluating and reviewing the trainer application, the trainer agreement contract, the trainer renewal and assessor fees, registration, etc. Two assessor trainings were held in 2008, one in Germany and one in the US, much time and energy has gone into coordinating the 38 new potential assessors into the Educational Services Team. The whole certification process is being revised from a global perspective.  We are taking into consideration language and cultural differences while still holding the integrity of CNVC with universal guidelines.
  • Legal situation with trademarks and service marks.
  • Many of these processes are being built from scratch. The Admin Team is experimenting with the best ways to work with the Educational Services Team, Communication Coordinator, IT Coordinator and the GCC.
  • The CNVC Office and its staff is being taken to a new level. One example is the bookkeeping department, where we are finally able to get timely and accurate reports.
  • Day to day needs of the business come on top of these responsibilities and tasks.
  • The Admin Team is not looking for suggestions on how to better manage their priorities, but an understanding of the volumes of work, and an understanding from the Board that the areas where the Admin Team are actively involved are in direct correlation of what the Board set as the Admin Team’s priorities a year ago. Relief from some of the overload is forth coming, as teams are developed where the Admin Team can delegate responsibilities, but it is taking time.
  • The Admin Team requests that no additional items are added to their Agenda, in order to focus on current action items. Our goal is to respect and satisfactorily address each area. 

 GCC/Network Representative to the Board

  • The Admin Team requests a revisit of the decision that was made in November in regard to appointing a representative from the GCC to sit on the Board as a Member.
  • Valentina pointed out that a venue for the community to be heard is already set up through the Leadership Team Extended Forum, and that adding a second venue may bring confusion.
  • There has been two Leadership Team Extended Forums in 2008, and three or four will take place in 2009. Margo shared that she has worked very hard to make sure that the invitation is there for the whole global community to connect to the greater community through the GCC, and that is the link to our Leadership Team (which links to the Board). It is taking time to build the trust and consciousness for the global network to fully make use of this invitation, but it is in place and functioning as a place for the global network to participate.
  • The Leadership Team is set up to receive proposals from anyone, team or circle. Depending on what that proposal is and the scope of the topic, the individual team may handle it, the Leadership Team may handle it, or it may appropriate for the Admin Team and/or the Board.
  • The GCC has a Coordinator, a member of the Leadership Team, this is a venue for the GCC’s voices to be heard.
  • The topic of mutual responsibility was raised, with the example of Robert’s three specific requests to the participants on the last day of the international calls, to which we have only received one response.
  • Stefan made a suggestion that the decision be revisited and discussed again at the next Board Meeting, and to include the suggestion that instead of a Board Membership, there be set aside a space, for example ten minutes, where a member from the GCC can bring any urgent request or proposal from the GCC to the Board for discussion, as a Sociocratic way of sending someone upwards when there is a need for it. This would give the connection that the Board is seeking, without the complexities of an automatically appointed Board Membership.
  • Valentina questioned the purpose of having the current venue of the Leadership Team, if the process is to be sidestepped. The Leadership Team meetings are time consuming.
  • Margo expressed a desire to have a Board that is focused on the overall policies instead of being entrenched in the day to day issues, and also expressed concern that the Board would be drawn down to a level that would be less productive otherwise, stating: “The Admin Team has been working very hard to develop other teams so we can delegate more and free ourselves up and be able to look at the overall umbrella for the organization and lay long term plans instead of being so entrenched in the day to day necessities of what needs to be done.”

This topic will be addressed again at the next closed meeting.

CNVC Board of Directors CLOSED Meeting
Minutes – Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In attendance:
Board Members:      
Gail Taylor – Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Facilitators:    Robert Gonzales and Margo Pair
Notetaker:      Elin Skappel

Financial Report

  • Financial statements were provided with the meeting agenda by e-mail to the Board Members.
  • Per Board request of November 13, 2008, Board Treasurer Valentina Rosenberg and Board Secretary Margo Pair rolled the maturing CDs back into 6 month liquid CDs.

Eduardo’s Status

  • The letter of January 14th, 2009 from Board Member Applicant Eduardo Montoya to the Board raised some confusion and it is unclear to the Board Members whether his intentions were to gently step down or asking for the Board’s feedback on whether his skills will be useful to the Board or not.

Action Item: Margo will contact Eduardo and ask him for clarity about his letter and his interest in joining the Board.

Leadership Team Report

  • Observations:
  • The Leadership Team announced its upcoming Extended Leadership Team Forum scheduled for April 14th and is in the planning process. The GCC is a significant part of this meeting, which is open to the public. The purpose of the Extended Leadership Team Forum is to give the global NVC community an opportunity to connect with the CNVC Leadership, learn how the Leadership Team is forming circles and also a place to bring ideas and concerns.
  • The Extended Leadership Team Forum was held twice in 2008, and is planned to be held 2-4 times in 2009. The Board members are also invited and welcome to participate on the call.
  • The Admin Team has put a significant amount of effort into building and nurturing the Leadership Team, at the direction of the Board. The LT meets twice per month and is set up to address CNVC business activities and inquiries of the global community.
  • The current coordinators of the Leadership Team are: Information Technology Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, GCC (Global Community Circle) Coordinator, Director of Educational Services and CNVC Office Representative. The GCC Coordinator functions as the link between the global community and the CNVC Governance.
  • Following the team decision table, certain categories of issues (including legal issues) are brought forward from the LT to the Admin Team and further upward to the Board when applicable.
  • While CNVC business activities and inquiries of the global community are addressed by the Leadership Team, the Board addresses the overlaying Policies and Guidelines that the CNVC Leadership Team’s decisions are based upon.
  • A majority of the participants on the international calls during the November Board Meeting are not part of the GCC and are not directly represented through the GCC.
  • The community has the opportunity to directly communicate to the Board through the Feedback Form on the cnvc.org website.
  • The already existing linking between the global community and the CNVC Governance was not fully addressed during the discussions that lead to the decisions regarding GCC participation on the Board and regularly scheduled international calls between the CNVC Board of Directors and the global community.  
  • Needs: connection, efficient use of resources, shared information,  
  • Decision: Using the channels currently in place, GCC Members will participate not directly at the Board Meetings but through the Leadership Team and Extended Leadership Team Forum. An LT Member will report the results of the LT and Extended LT Forum meetings at the Board Meetings, to ensure double linking. On a case by case basis the Board is open to considering direct discussion with GCC Members at select Board Meetings.

Website Development

  • Future Agenda Item (April Board Meeting): Website Development. IT Coordinator Pan Vera will be invited to participate through Skype.
  • Observations: The Admin Team will have a lot on their plates preparing both for the In Person Board Meeting in May, and the Extended Leadership Team Forum in April
  • Decision: The April 15th Board Meeting will be a short meeting, with the focus on Pan’s Website Development Presentation.

CNVC Training Team

  • The GCC has requested observations and needs behind the 2007 decision to implement a Training Team. The Board made the following observations:
  • The current organization is sustained by the income generated by one salaried trainer (Marshall Rosenberg), which generates substantial surplus which allows the organization to survive.
  • Building a sustainable team of In-House Trainers was one considered strategy for achieving sustainability.
  • In the past, when the CNVC has provided referrals for training opportunities to certified trainers, without organizing the event itself, it usually does not bring any revenue back to the CNVC.
  • Needs: sustainability
  • Suggestion by Stefan: On the web site, replace the specific mention of John Kinyon with a section where people can make requests for our support in finding the right trainer for mediation or their specific training need. The CNVC would function more as a “clearing house”, that can help people find the best trainer, organize the event and potentially being the contracting entity. Would like for the LT and Admin Team to experiment with that.
  • Marshall: I am in harmony with your request and I do think that we need to learn from this experience that didn’t work out too well in many respects. I think we need to do as you say and review how we are going to deal with those requests. I am not sure of the specifics on how to do it, but it didn’t work out the way we did it before, and I think we need to learn from that and do it in a new way. It doesn’t have so much to do with which people have been involved, but more the structure of it and that is what we need to review.
  • Action Item: Stefan will provide his proposal re: Web Site changes to support a restructuring of the Training Team to the Admin Team.

GCC Synopsis of the November 13-16 Board Meeting (Parts regarding the Global Community)

  • Observations: Responding to the request from the Board in January 2009, the GCC has provided a synopsis of the parts of the November 13-16 Board Meeting that touched on issues pertaining to the global community.
  • Decision: The Board requests of the GCC and its representatives who put the synopsis together, that they formulate concrete and specific requests from the report, to distill it and have it clear and concrete for us during the Board Meeting so we can aim our specific action items in that direction more effectively.
  • Action Item: Board Secretary and Admin Team Member Margo Pair will make the request as decided by the Board of the GCC.

May In Person Board Meeting Dates

  • The meeting dates for the Board of Directors In Person Meeting for Spring of 2009 will be May 14 – 17th starting around noon on May 14th, ending around noon time on the 17th .

Meeting Measurements:
Valentina – Enormous appreciation for the Board’s support to the Admin Team and Leadership Teams.
Marshall – Enjoyed the meeting and the complicated items that we managed to struggle through.
Margo – Filled with gratitude and feel supported.
Gail – Feeling peaceful and delighted for the clarity of today’s meeting. Grateful for facilitation by Robert and Margo.
Stefan – Enjoyment!
Robert – Feel wonderful and relieved and happy to connect with everyone. Loving the voices and shared intentions, happy about what we have accomplished.

CNVC Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes – Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In attendance:
Board Members:      
Gail Taylor– Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President

Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Glenda Mattinson (Canada – Ontario), Godfrey Spencer (Belgium), Katherine Singer (Korea), Kirsten Kristensen (Denmark), Noam (Israel), Pan Vera (US – Vermont), Susan Reeves (US – New York)

Facilitator:      Margo Pair
Notetaker:      Elin Skappel

Summary of Action Items:

  1. Next meeting – Thursday 14th through Sunday 17th of May, 2009 (In Person Board Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico).
  2. IT Coordinator Pan Vera will provide to the Board a proposal for the $6000 upgrade cost from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, along with his recommendation for tools and skills needed to address the other issues that were mentioned during the presentation -  integration of accounting, customer relations, fund raising.
  3. IT Coordinator Pan Vera will connect with Margo Pair to discuss a potential focus group for the upgrade of the website and its systems.

Future Agenda Items:

  • Frequency of Board Meetings and participation in the In Person Board Meetings

Announcements & Administrative Matters

  • Minutes of the January 14, February 11 and March 25, 2009 meeting received consent and will be posted on our website within 48 hours.
  • Godfrey Spencer is offering translation during today’s meeting.
  • Yesterday we held an Extended LT Forum. This is the third Extended LT Forum (the two first were held in 2008). Minutes are in draft form and will be distributed once approved. We did something similar to today where callers were able to view reports and presentations online. We also used the same no/low cost conference system. We had over 5 countries and 2 languages represented at the meeting.
  • The Board would appreciate any feedback on today’s meeting – please go to the CNVC website (www.cnvc.org) and click on the Feedback Input Forms link on the bottom on any page. We would love to hear your input, ideas or comments on the technology used along with comments or concerns about what was presented.
  • The next Board Meeting is the In Person Board Meeting in Albuquerque May 14 -17, 2009. This meeting is open to observers and more information will be sent out closer to the meeting date.

1. Web Presentation (CNVC IT Coordinator Pan Vera)

  • Presentation attached – it can also be viewed as a slideshow on the following link: http://cnvc.org/node/6138
  • Action Item: IT Coordinator Pan Vera will provide to the Board a proposal for the $6000 upgrade cost from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, along with his recommendation for tools and skills needed to address the other issues that were mentioned during the presentation -  integration of accounting, customer relations, fund raising.
  • Action Item: Pan will connect with Margo Pair to discuss a potential focus group for the upgrade of the website and its systems.

2. CNVC Board of Directors Meeting Dates for 2009

  • Gail and Stefan will be calling in to the Board Meeting May 14 – 17, 2009 instead of participating in person.
  • Future Agenda Item: Frequency of Board Meetings and participation in the In Person Board Meetings.

Meeting Measurements
Robert  Gonzales – I’m pleased with the meeting. I am very impressed, and grateful to Pan for the presentation, the thoroughness of it and the technology behind it allowing us to track it. I am intrigued and eager to move forward with the projects and the proposals that are coming. Excited at the movement that I see for the website. I think it has a tremendous potential to unite and serve everyone, particularly the trainers.
Stefan Wisbauer – I feel encouraged too, on one by hand by hearing Pan’s voice, hearing his clarity and dedication, and also some of the progress made. I am very excited about the potential of that whole area for the network overall, for example the fact that we don’t know what’s going on around the world and the potential to share what is going on, what projects they are working on, what they are pitching for, these things are going to be hugely powerful – an NVC map of who is doing what training where, what are peoples’ interests and projects. I am seeing huge potential in that and also quite hopeful that collectively we can make some good decisions on this and hope that Pan will be willing to talk with us and consult with us, even if not all of us have five years of developing experience, we would like to remain in dialogue and be comfortable with the decisions made. I do hope we can do that in a way that is efficient and also in a way where Pan can feel that his expertise is valued rather than him thinking that people who have no clue what they’re doing are telling him what to do. [Hearty laughter shared between Stefan and Pan.] Overall very grateful and encouraged by the potential of all of this.
Gail Taylor – I am really delighted first for the technology today - what hope it stimulates in me for bridging language and Godfrey being here, and everyone seeing the same presentation and seeing your face, Pan, I was thrilled with that. And Pan I really enjoyed your presentation, I thought it was comprehensive, easy to follow, I have to say I have admiration for you. I see you as someone who is definitely bringing expertise and committed effort and a tremendous amount of activity to the whole IT development, I really, really do think it’s critical for the organization. So thank you, thank you! And of course I’m interested in contributing where I can to the offline IT Operations Circle, however that moves forward, please consider me. And I’m overall just very grateful to everyone for today’s meeting, I just thought it went really well.
Glenda Mattinson – Pan, just so appreciating your ability to pull the information together cleanly. I notice when I hear the Board ask for a weighing the IT Budget off against other priorities, one of the things I am personally really longing for as an LT member and as the GCC coordinator, is that there would be a clear, simple statement of purpose. I view the CNVC Vision, Mission and Aim as a statement of what “All NVC’ers around the world are seeking to contribute to” and I really long for the clarity about what is it that this NVC day to day organization that the Admin Team leads, what is its purpose, how is it intended to contribute to the worldwide constellation of NVC organizations, and I think that may make Board Decision making simpler – I know it makes my decision making easier, so just longing for that.
Pan Vera – Thank you for mentioning that Glenda, I actually did mean to ask the Board to put some energy into coming up with a business plan that clearly defines how we are going to accomplish our aim.
Glenda Mattinson – I see the business plan as flowing from that one-line statement of purpose, if you are interested in what I am looking for it’s essentially an aim statement, the GCC came up with one at the last face to face meeting and I think it has really simplified and focused our work and made it much easier to know what to focus on and what not to focus on.
Elin Skappel – I’ve enjoyed the flow of this meeting, and am enjoying being with you all again!
Kirsten Kristensen: I am sitting here with butterflies in my stomach and great excitement. I think I need to revise some of my plans about websites in my part of the world after hearing this! I’ve heard things in Pan’s presentation both today and yesterday, but in more detail today, that six months ago I would never have thought it would be possible for CNVC as an organization to take these steps and I am so delighted to hear what you have been doing, and I am also really enjoying to hear Gail, what you share about your experience. In my younger days I worked with companies and their questions about technology about whether to have one big system or many smaller systems, and I so recognize what you are talking about, and I am watching with great excitement what you will end up doing and I really hope that this will have a lot of priority. I feel it is so important to the functionality and the survival of this organization. I enjoyed hearing you tonight, thank you very much.
Noam (Israel): I enjoyed being in the conference and hearing Pan’s presentation and I’m in touch with Pan on a regular basis and know how much work and effort he puts into putting all of this together, and I am excited to be part of this!
Katherine Singer – It was enormously informative and also very good to hear my old friends’ voices.
Margo Pair – I thoroughly appreciated the attendance of everyone today, the questions and comments from our Board Members on Pan’s presentation. For those of us that are not IT professionals to get a glimpse of the many things that he is holding for us. Gail I appreciate your experience and knowledge in this area along with Stefan’s and we are very fortunate to have such a wide variety of people to assist us in this, and I look forward to what the future holds. Thank you to the observers for calling in, your passion for nonviolent communication, the ability to join us on today’s call is deeply appreciated.

The meeting was convened 1:00 PM MST
The meeting was adjourned 2:45 PM MST

CNVC Board of Directors  In Person Meeting
Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 14 - 17, 2009

In attendance:
Board Members:
Gail Taylor– Board Member (by phone)
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (by phone for select decisions)

Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (most of the meeting)

CNVC Communication Coordinator Glenda Mattinson (Canada – Ontario),
CNVC IT Coordinator Pan Vera (US – Vermont),
Robert Heim (US - New York) - Friday May 15th

Facilitator: John Buck
Notetaker: Elin Skappel (John Buck was notetaker for the committee time on the afternoon of Friday 15th and Saturday 16th)

Summary of Action Items:
1.      Next meeting – August 19th, 2009
Summary of Pre-Decision Items
**To provide Pre-Decision Input to the Board, please use the Input/Feedback Form links at the bottom of this document.
Summary of Future Agenda Items:
Summary of Decisions:
**To Provide Post-Decision Input or other Feedback to the Board, please use the Input/Feedback Form links at the bottom of this document.

The meeting was started with a moment of silence for Milli O'Nair.
 Announcements & Administrative Matters (May 14th)                 

  • Minutes of the April 15, 2009 Board Meeting  received consent. 

"Envisioning Sandbox", Creating - Dreaming (May 14th)
·         The Board went around a number of times, and touched on topics such as nvc conventions, regional gatherings and celebrations, newsletters (including "advice column", the ability to search and categorize the information, weblogs, discussion groups), media presence, connection with trainers and those who are involved with NVC in general (ex: training circuits and regular annual offerings in various cities/areas), ongoing training for trainers and assessors, nvc depth-projects in already-established communities, resource center/reservoire for people to find guidance, an exchange program, fun ways to do fundraising, the use of technology including webcasts/webinars, including ways for trainers to use internet as a growing outreach tool,  the two dimensions of nvc training - breadth and depth - and how to connect around them, etc.

Board Communication Recommendation – Review (May 14th)
Pre Decision Item: 

  • We've gotten feedback from the global network wanting more inclusion, consideration, choice. 
  • As an experiment to meet those needs, The Board requests 2 things:
  1. If your team is making a decision that impacts others/other teams, please notify them and include their input (as best you can when relevant and when resources are available to do so)
  2. Please designate a team member to transparently share post-input decisions with the network.
    1. What is the nature of the decision? 
    2. What observations gave rise to the decision? 
    3. What needs are trying to be met by this decision? 
  • Teams can each select which decisions get input, get shared and to what degree.
  • The Board is moving in stages to implement technology that the teams can use for requesting, collecting and reviewing pre-decision input and post-decision feedback.
  • The Board requests input before Aug 11th so that it can be reviewed and a decision drawn at the Aug Board Meeting.

Communication Policy Experiment - Recommendation (May 17th)   
Pre Decision Items:

  • To fulfill the Board Communication Recommendation Conclusion of 5/14/09, the Board requests each circle/team to be accountable to coordinating communication, using this model:
        1. each circle/team selects a representative (or alternates them) - the reps role is to share updates / minutes / new decisions with other circles and the global network.
        2.  each circle/team chooses which topics / updates the representative will deliver.
        3. all circles create a 10-20min timeframe at the start of some meetings to RECEIVE AND ACKNOWLEDGE updates from other circles and the global network
  • We recognize there's a tension on two unresolved topics:  1. monitoring and 2. the gap between team choice on how much gets shared when and our intention to inform and get pre-decision input.  We'll hold this as an ongoing experiment to resolve.
  • The Communication Coordinator 1-year contract ends June 30th 2009. After consulting with Glenda Mattinson,  the Board opts not to extend the Communication Coordinator Position as a paid position at this time. The board expresses a deep appreciation to Glenda for the tools that she has given the teams during her year filling this position.
  • Recognizing the quality and support the roles and duties of Communication Coordinator and Translation Coordinator bring to our organization, CNVC will invite individuals in our global network to contribute their skill, experience and time to fill as volunteers.
  • Communication policy page technical maintenance will be transferred to webmaster if we are not able to fill the volunteer position of Communication Coordinator. (pre-decision input requested from Pan before 8/11).
  • The Board will request the current Translation coordinator to explore GCC taking function of ownership of the Translation coordinator responsibilities if we are not able to fill the volunteer position of Translation coordinator.  Pre-decision input requested before 8/11.

Meeting schedule through 2010 (May 14th) 

  • The Board Members are volunteering their time on the Board and have full schedules outside of their participation on the Board.
  • The Admin Team has voiced a concern that the amount of time spent in meetings and preparing for meetings are cutting down on the time they are able to spend on fulfilling their duties.  
  • The GCC has been asked to take “initiative to develop the NVC global infrastructure” by “promoting the formation and development of semiautonomous NVC regional, local, and themed organizations whose mission is to promote NVC”. Also to “promote clear communications to the NVC community concerning activities, initiatives, and decisions by CNVC”, and “maintain regular communication with the Admin Team to receive information about inquiries and requests for support in developing local NVC activities.”
  • It has been many years since the last international conference convened by the CNVC and the Board Members expressed an interest in and a need for a deeper connection with, and an opportunity to share and celebrate with, members of our global network in a face-to-face setting.

Needs:  efficient use of time (so the Board and Board Members can fulfill their objectives), joy, connection, celebration

  • The Board will hold quarterly meetings with other meetings as needed, with the possibility of subcommittees for work between the quarterly meetings.
  • Meeting dates for 2009: August 19th plus face to face Nov 12th - 15th for 2009. 
  • Meeting dates for 2010 - February 10th, May 20th to 23rd (In Person), August 18th, November 4th to 7th (In Person)  
  • People who wish to speak directly to the board can contact Board Secretary Margo Pair. Proposals for inclusion in a board meeting will be considered on a case by case basis, keeping in mind that needs may best be met by directing conversations to the responsible Leadership Team/Circle (for example GCC, Educational Services, Information Technology, CNVC Office, Admin Team). 
  • The Board requests the Admin Team to explore the possibility of co-creating an International NVC Conference in Europe in 2011, during which The Board members would be present in a gathering for celebration and connection.

Action Item: Admin Team to explore the possibility of co-creating an International NVC Conference in Europe in 2011, during which The Board members would be present in a gathering for celebration and connection.
Global celebrations/fundraising (May 16th, committee time)
Action Item: The Admin Team will look into sub committees or the Fundraiser position to work on encouraging global celebrations. Margo Pair is interested in connecting with the GCC to coordinate the global events.  Funds raised would be divided between local organizations, regional organizations and CNVC.
Examples on events/celebrations:

  • global walk-a-thon, particularly a big b-day party walk-a-thon for Marshall's 75th (9th) birthday and 25 years of CNVC
  • international conference in Europe in 2011 (already mentioned)
  • make money out of guitar playing
  • spaghetti dinners of $500-1000 plates with  donors/philanthropists of means
  • auctions - ppl give things free, we auction them off to raise funds
  • ask trainers worldwide to donate # of hours to a particular in-need project
        (ex: NVC to a new prison or inner city school or group etc)
      hold a party with philanthropists who sponsor that person's idea; auction to find a sponsor
  • scheduled / regular bi-annual funding drive (of some sort)
  • music festival - musicians volunteer - location donation - monetize it with ticket sales + sell prods there + volunteer massages

Legal Issues (May 16th, committee time)
Future Agenda Item: Ethical guidelines are to be developed: how donations are received and who they are coming from, to see if they are congruent with our vision, mission and aim. 
Action Item: The Admin Team will approach those identified in the Saegis report as owners of "CNVC", "Center for Nonviolent Communication" and "Nonviolent Communication" trademarks for their country and ask them to re-register the copyrights under CNVC and identify themselves as agents.
Trainer Renewal/Trainer Certification Agreement (May 16th, committee time)
Action Items:

    • The Admin Team, together with the Educational Services Team, will review the trainer certification package and renewal, and notify new trainers about legal arrangements. 
    • To embody the NVC spirit of community, collaboration and care, The Board requests the Admin Team and Leadership Team Coordinators to initiate dialogue with the trainer community (certified trainers, certification candidates and trainers who do not seek certification).  The purpose of this dialogue is to request that travelling trainers contact and coordinate with local trainers to hold events in ways that hear and account for everyone's needs.  

 International Intensive Trainings (May 16th, committee time and May 17th)

  • The Board discussed the possibilities of increasing the numbers of International Intensive Trainings (IIT) and having the option of simultaneous IITs.
  • The number of IITs held and the number of participants at each IIT has decreased over the last couple of years, and this significantly affects the funds CNVC has available to support our organization, our global network and our projects.
  • Our Founder Marshall Rosenberg is currently the only person designated to lead IITs.

Needs: sustainability, growth, support, community, sharing
PRE DECISION ITEM: The Admin Team will explore expanding the number of IITs CNVC delivers by having others lead them in addition to Marshall, keeping in mind the key elements that were written down during the committee time on May 16th.
Strategic Planning Ad-Hoc Committee (May 16th, committee time)

  • There is a number of fundamental long range decisions that need to be made (e.g. the GCC trainer fee proposal), that can not be made without having an overall picture of where we're going.
  • The Board has been attempting to complete strategic planning for more than two years.
  • A completed strategic vision, mission and aim would create a framework of reference to support major decisions.  

Needs: security, efficiency, community, the desire for the growth of a life serving system
Decision: Toward clarity and supporting sustainability, the Board creates an NVC-knowledgable ad-hoc Board committee on developing a recommended draft strategic plan that Gail would facilitate.  This committee would go through a roughly 15-question process (Built To Last + Brian Process) and create strategic vision, mission, and aim DRAFTS that answer questions about how we assess progress and about how media, proposed activities, program services and proposals (i.e. GCC trainer renewal fee) fit in.  The committee would then offer those drafts to The Board for consideration and revision.  Because this is a co-creative process, interview-time to include perspectives of CNVC leadership members is vital.  The process would also integrate materials previously developed by Stefan. Proposed committee members: Gail, Margo, Stefan, John, Brian. The ad-hoc Committee will report on progress in the August 19 meeting.
NOTE from Gail Taylor 8/3/2009:  Since those notes were created, I've learned a great deal about people's expectations and projections around the phrase "Ad Hoc Committee".  So I no longer feel comfortable consenting to that phrase (and I don't consent to the projections people have about what that means or what should or shouldn't happen in a Committee). 

Financial Report (Margo and Valentina) (May 15th)
Financial statements and Review of investments were part of the agenda package for the Board Members.
·         The report was accepted as presented

Review of written LT Coordinator Reports (May 15th)

 Admin Team list of activities (Margo and Valentina) (May 17th)
·         The Admin Team's list of activities can be found here: http://cnvc.org/en/node/6616
IT Coordinator Proposal - Response (May 17th)

  •  The Board accepted IT Coordinator Pan Vera's request to allocate up to $6000 toward the upgrade of Drupal 6. The 90 days as mentioned in the proposal begin Monday May 18th, 2009.The proposal can be found here: http://cnvc.org/en/node/6617

  Sharing of recordings from this board meeting (May 17th)

  • Observations:
  • IT Coordinator Pan Vera requested from the Board their decision on whether to share the recordings of the Board Meeting on the cnvc.org website or not.
  • The teleconference service used for this Board Meeting, Calliflower, seems to have a 2 hour limit to recordings and each meeting was cut off after 2 hours. Other means of manual recording were used but interruptions of recording occurred.
  • Needs: We are considering the needs that would be met by sharing the recordings of the board meeting on the cnvc website.
  • PRE DECISION ITEM/Future Agenda Item:  At this current time we will not post the recordings on the website.

***Note: The statements below were captured while spoken and while the intent has been to capture the statement as fully as possible, this is not a transcript and does not represent the statements with full accuracy***
Thursday May 14th Closing Round
Gail - particularly fun in ways I couldn't expect, always in awe hearing each person's perspective
Robert - really enjoying the energy and everyone being here and even Gail being here through Yahoo Video. The nature of the energy has to do with the shared focus and envisioning. My heart feels very open. Excitement and hope!
Margo - I'd like to borrow Robert's word "open" Heart and mind feels nurtured, and feel open to life serving activities. I appreciate what everyone shared, which touched my heart and mind.
Valentina -  I also feel very delighted to be here and that escalated more as we were sharing, that we were integrating from our hearts and the energy, I started feeling more alive energy wise. I feel lighter, and comfortable and safe, can just feel and share and think out loud. Thank you Gail for being here with us too!
Marshall -  I really got stimulated by a lot that was being covered and look forward to digesting it. It was a fun way of being stimulated!
Pan -  Delighted to hear your ideas and look forward to how they will look when we implement them!
Glenda - Feeling light and open and inspired and excited and giggly! I think the other piece alive for me, several steps down the road, there are pieces done in our network, once some areas are chosen how can we also build with those bricks along with the new bricks. Excited to see how that piece will happen.
John - Gail thanks for your help with the issue concerning communication recommendation - the team work felt great. Appreciate all the technology you set up Elin, it worked far better than I've seen technology working. Look forward to people's suggestions to what to do with our committee time.

Friday May 15th Closing Round
Robert Heim, New York - Happy to be on the call, very gratifying to have this transparency and learn more about the organization, help in his nvc practice
Pan Vera - Really enjoyed the meeting, appreciate the work you're doing, looking forward to the end of the session on Sunday and what comes of it
Glenda Mattinson - really enjoyed the sense of connection, warmth, pace people having space and time to be heard, love being able to see you guys through the webcam, I am also holding some sense of sadness, longing in myself to be able to feel this group being fed by the energy and activities that are going on in the network, and somehow have more of a sense of there's so much out there that would love to support you more fully if there was more shared understanding, longing to see that happen. 
Elin - Feeling very connected and also so in the space of typing. Loving the energy and sense of going somewhere together. Great heartstorming. What's coming on Sunday? Looking forward to that.
John - I am looking forward to the continuing of the leisurely pace, it seems to be working. 
Robert - really enjoying how we're doing this, very appreciative of the clarity and thoroughness of the reports everyone submitted. Really happy, pleased with the evolution of what has happened over the last year. Strong concern with the possibility that the movement forward could be affected, given the financial/budgetary situation with Pan and Glenda's positions. I see that what they are doing is so essential to the long and short term on what is happening in the nvc community. Concerned that a lack of funding in this area might hinder this evolution. How we can brainstorm, implement, whatever needs to happen, so we can continue to support Pan and Glenda in what they are doing. 
Margo - I so enjoyed our meeting so far and especially today. Happy that you (Robert) are enjoying the reports and the connectedness with all the teams. In many ways I feel like we are being nurtured to help us look at how CNVC is enacting our vision, mission and aim. Many people have contributed to where we are today, and the information that will bring us forward. In a space of deep gratitude at this time. 
Valentina - I am really enjoying the pace, it feels finally like i am getting comfortable, really appreciate the reports, I feel that it will be good for me to also go over them again. I am enjoying our connection, our co-creating, if something has come up, it's like Elin was saying, it's a lot of support here from all of us, the presence here is very precious and alive, I feel very grateful and very pleased that we had all of you, even those of you that are on webcam - even though we can't touch you - you're here and we can feel your presence. Gail can you hold up Molly?
Marshall - I'm really very much impressed with all of this information, I'm having trouble making good use of it - would need more time to digest it, still trying to find out what to do about that because I'm grateful to have this information but need more reading time, would like some highlighting on what will be the focus of the meeting so I can prepare. 
Pan - Would it be useful in the future if we gave you a telephone call before the meeting to go through the reports?
Marshall - Something like that. Or just two to three sentences on what you hope will happen from the meeting, especially what is most important to you, what you would like to cover. 
Margo - An idea is, can we request of the IT Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, GCC Coordinator, if they could provide the Board Members and facilitator John Buck through email any synopsis/request (which issues to focus on, any action requested), so that we have this available for the committee time tomorrow? 
Marshall - That would make a difference
Gail - Just delighted, I'm loving how the meeting went, especially amazed and moved as Robert said, the completeness in the reports, really got a sense of clear information, could see where progress was made. Want to echo what Robert said about concerns about [Information Technology Coordinator] Pan [Vera] and [Communication Coordinator/GCC Coordinator] Glenda[Mattinson]'s continuation, am highly motivated to see how their contributions can be continued, see them as vital to the continuation of the organization.
Sunday Closing Round - Feedback on the Meeting
Glenda - The thing that stands out most strongly to me is how moved I feel is that my sense is - Marshall I want to check with you - that Marshall you are feeling heard and ... more than in the past, that is very important and meaningful to me. That is something that I would most want for you. I am also absolutely fine with this organization make decisions on how they use their resources. There is sadness in me, I would like to contribute... but am comfortable with the decision. My heart is really longing for a sense that the communication policy that I hold so dear is being fulfilled, that the network is being heard and included in the decision making, esp. the circles. That is the part that is most precious to me. I think somehow I ... the piece I would like you to know is the longing I hear from the network, to provide network and also participate in decision making, and am feeling quite hopeful that that day is coming. 
John - the appreciation for the work you have done in buidling this information structure, I have heard from many that they appreciate what you have built. 
Elin - almost sad that the meeting is over already. So many things still to talk about. Enjoyed cocreation. Has been a joy to be the notetaker and meeting organizer.
John -I echo what you say Elin,  so much to talk about - so feeling a little jangled from this morning. hopeful that the decision to involve more trainers in the running of the IITs will be a source of joy to you Marshall, kind of like having more people be able to do what you are doing and will be reflected in the financial strength of the organization and hope it will be a joy for you.
Robert - appreciation for the whole number of days we've been here, enjoyed som many parts of it. Having a real appreciation - Glenda- consideration of Marshall being heard and how improtant that is, your consideration of it was touching to me. The other thing you said about communication policy and the value of the network and their sense of participation, is something I really value and want, want to acknowledge your mentioning that. Have a great appreciation of the challenge that brings, to live out this communication policy, I am excited about exploring that, because of the examples you gave, perhaps how we as the board were not acting in consistency of the communication policy, that stimulates in me a need to explore needs and strategies, .. the pre decision input is a huge thing, the implications of that, which is really different than post decision input, especially in regard to efficiency. An idea of a particular strategy of supporting efficiency. The other thing alive for me is incredible appreciation (frustration, challenge) - TIME! There's so much here, so much aliveness, so many different avenues of exploration, where is the time to do this?! It is so exciting to deal with this, and not get lost in the frustration of the overwhelm! We're not bored! Want to acknowledget how much that is in my awareness.
Margo - I'm just celebrating in our frustration and uneasiness because I see that as assisting in the joy and celebration of our growing to walk our talk. I dearly appreciate the time we've spent together, I think we all have a clear understanding of some things that I've been wrestling with. Also want to acknowledge the many different teams that have put their reports together to provide input, and staff that has assisted in putting the meeting together, as a board we are supported by many volunteers and look forward to connecting with others as we share and delegate additional responsibilities, and hoping as we build our communication structure, support involvement and understanding as we move towards tomorrow together - John your facilitation skills, Elin for your grace supporting all of us, Stefan for fitting us into his schedule and being present in many ways, Gail so impressed by your ability to be here with us during this time, and to everyone here in this room.
Valentina- I feel that several have said what I enjoyed hearing and what's in my heart. With Robert about the time, wish there was more time for us to get more into connection about many things that Glenda brought up, many things that are very alive, find ways to really connect the whole network, because when I was travelling with Marshall that was an important piece to many people. I hope that one day at a time we can come up with strategies that can really connect us, in a way that we can all feel that oneness in why we're here, and connect to our vision and mision and divine energy and holiness. I am very grateful for the work that you have all done, John for your facilitation, and Elin for your presence, just fels good to have you here and your typing. Gail Thank you for being here with us through phone and webcam. There's a lot but just want to say thank you, appreciate your presence and all that you've added and Glenda thank you for hanging in here with us as we were discussing delicate pieces, appreciate your patience. Margo thank you for always continuing to have these meetings put together, and have everything done in a way that is very efficient, grateful to Marshall for sharing your confusion, a good place to continue our conversation. Very much feel like there's a lot more and not wanting to let go of this space that we've created here, it's been very nurturing, and also really celebrating that I can hold the last few days, there's some areas I'm not very comfortable with but I can sit with them and that feels good .
Marshall - John I have some frustration that I didn't make it at all clear, my position on the IIT's, not having made myself clear... There is a lot that I need to be a lot more clearer about, what we're talking about, but I liked that we spent as much time as we did on these important things, also celebrating in a deep level that we're together on these complicated issues. The other night Valentina went off to a party and I was digesting, a poem came to me in celebration, I'll work on it to share it, how much I'm celebrating the energy we're putting into this together.
John - I look forward to the poem, Marshall
Gail - What Robert said, differentiation as pre-decision vs/ POST-decision - thank you!!  Grateful for tech support and inclusion in this dial-in way, and the willingness - allowed me to contribute in ways I could not have had I come in person.  Grateful for playfulness.  See powerful time rippling out to global impact
powerful new understanding among us, powerful movement in foundational structures and funding, powerful new possibilities for the thriving of CNVC + global netwk
Sweetly cherishing ongoing evolution!  Seeing the care and gifts you each carry and hope to give - like the weight of the world - so I'm deeply cherishing each of YOU.
The meeting was convened Thursday May 14th 1 PM MDT
The meeting was adjourned Sunday May 17th 12:30 PM MDT

Drafted by: Elin Skappel

Agenda May 14-17, 2009 CNVC Board Meeting 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 
14-May-2009           1:00 PM        Opening Round                  
                                  1:15 PM        Administrative Items                    
                                                            Lodging, food, meeting arrangements  
                                                            Overview of materials
·         Educational Services
·         GCC
·         Office
·         IT
·         Communication Coordinator                  
                                                            Consent to minutes: April 15th  
                                                            Acceptance of agenda
                                                            Board Communication Recommendation –
Review (see attachment)
                                  2:30 PM        “Envisioning Sandbox”
                                    Creating – Dreaming 
                                  3:30 PM        Closing Round - Feedback on the Meeting
14-May-2009           4:00 PM        End Meeting                        
15-May-2009           9:30 AM        Opening Round                  
                                  9:45 AM        Administrative Items                    
                                                            Meeting schedule through 2010 (please see attachment to agenda)                                               
                                                            Acceptance of today's Agenda   
                                  10:15 AM      Financial Report: Margo and Valentina 
                                                             Financial statements
                                                             Review of investments     

                                  11:00 AM      --Pause--
                                  11:15 AM      Review of written LT Coordinators Reports   
                                  12:15 PM      Closing Reflection – End Meeting
15-May-2009           12:30 PM        Lunch – Committee Time
(not open to observers)
16-May-2009           Committee Time – Not open to observers
17-May-2009            9:30 AM        Opening Round                  
                                  9:45 AM        Administrative Items        
                                  9:50 AM       Acceptance of Agenda      
                                  10: 00AM      IT Coordinator Proposal   - Response
                                                            Comm. Coordinator Report - Response
                                  10:30 AM      Review of conclusions
                                  11:00 AM        --Pause—
                                  11:15 AM                  Review of conclusions continued         
                                  12:00 Noon  Closing Round - Feedback on the Meeting     
                                  12:15 PM      End Meeting       

To provide input or feedback to the Board, please use one of our feedback forms:

- If you want the input you provide to be immediately accessible by
other members of our community, please use the form labelled "Public",
which is located at
http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIunfDcZAl7RIEg .

- If you would like your input to be visible only to the Board, please
use the form labelled "Private", which is located at
http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIumNAcd-FNDVUA .

Both of these forms are available at any time from the bottom of any
page of the CNVC website (www.cnvc.org) by clicking on the link "Provide
input/feedback to CNVC Governance Teams".

Wednesday – August 19, 2009


            Board Members:
Gail Taylor – Board Member (VA USA)
Margo Pair – Board Secretary (NM USA)
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member (NM USA)
Robert Gonzales– Board President (AZ USA)
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice President (United Kingdom)
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer (NM USA)


For all or a portion of the call:
Irmtraud Kauschat (GCC Representative, Germany)
Jeff Brown (OH USA)
Pan Vera (CNVC IT Coordinator, VT USA)

John Buck (MD USA)

Note Taker:
Patricia Harrison (CNVC Admin Support, NM USA)



  1. The Board meeting minutes from May 14-17, 2009 need to be consented to by all Board members.
  2. The next Board meeting will be a face-to-face meeting on December 12-15th – may want to set up discussions via phone or e-mail around this.
  3. Robert wishes to have a conversation with Gail in regard to the Strategic Plan Progress Report offline.



  • Quarterly Financial Statements will be shared with the network through the website after approval by the Board, and sharing of the Annual Report on the website will continue.



  • None


  1. Minutes of the May 14-17, 2009 Board Meeting have not been consented to by all Board members.  Margo proposed a round of e-mail consents to be posted through the CNVC Board Yahoo! Group.
  2. Mercedes Frace regretfully resigned her position as the volunteer Communications Coordinator after three weeks due to a family situation.  She will be looking for other ways to contribute to the network.  Patricia Harrison (CNVC Admin Support) will be temporarily fulfilling the position’s duties while a search is conducted within the network for a more permanent replacement.
  3. Danielle Beenders, former IIT Coordinator and currently the TTE Coordinator in the Albuquerque office, and her husband William Poehner became the proud parents of a new baby boy early this morning.




The current financial reports were attached to the meeting agenda e-mail for review by all Board Members prior to this meeting.

The Financial Report was accepted by the Board as presented.

  • Observations: Currently posted on the website is the US tax form 990 which reflects financial data through 2008. There have been requests from the global network for more and continuous information about CNVC Finances and the Board wishes to have this information available to those who are interested. With the help of CNVC Bookkeeper Randy Eoff to bring the CNVC accounting practices into proper alignment we now have the ability to provide such reporting to the network.
  • Needs: Shared information, community
  • Decision: Quarterly Financial Statements will be shared with the network through the website after approval by the Board, and sharing of the Annual Report on the website will continue.



The Administrative Team Report was accepted as presented.


The Educational Services Report was accepted as presented. Link to Report

  1. GCC REPORT – Margo & Valentina

The August GCC report was attached to the meeting agenda e-mail for review by all Board members prior to this meeting.
Stefan – Report did not appear to have any specific requests of the Board that would require any actions at this time.  
Board recognizes there were a few topic items requiring further discussion which will be re-visited.


The Strategic Plan Progress Report was posted online prior to the meeting for review by all Board members.

Update: Having learned the scope of what the 15 questions evoked in others, she became overwhelmed at the amount of time, energy, and attention it had taken to even begin to bring conversations into presence and heart-connection.  With deep regret, therefore, Gail is withdrawing the offer to create a draft document due mostly to time constraints, e.g., overly long telephone calls, multiple e-mails, number of responses as a whole requiring follow up connected with the Strategic Plan work. 
Action Item: Robert wishes to have a conversation with Gail in regard to the Strategic Plan Progress Report offline.


There is a lack of clarity regarding the Board’s role in decision making and, for the network, the bigger question is what is CNVC’s role.  Would asking the right question help?  Does not see a lack of time as the problem – the leaders make the time because of their trust in the process.  In creating this section, he wanted to circle around the issues to help bring clarity.  For example:

  • Take action on soon – summarizing some of the questions and concerns around the network
  • Admin Team perceived as key decision maker and the network is not represented in this team – and frustration in responsiveness by its members
  • There is a slowness in relaying information to the network because Margo must first consult (lack of empowerment) with Marshall and Valentina and this is often time consuming
  • Big perception is GCC has no formal role in CNVC decision making – actual decisions by Admin Team and GCC is not represented
  • Huge dream – what is going on in the network, e.g., who’s doing what, who has done what in the past, return to Marshall’s questions
  • Trainer fees and related funds – need more transparency and participation in how those funds are relegated
  • Sustainability of the organization


GAIL – I would like to see a coming together of network and CNVC leadership to produce greater clarity; to take the time to meet quarterly and respond to those 15 questions. I heard a deep passion and caring for this organization and I so cherish that and how I heard everyone’s participation.    
STEFAN – I feel very alive and very hopeful.  Very hopeful about the different prospectives.  Encourage everyone to take action where needed.  See a lot of energy here and out in the network.  We can get a draft together (maybe a similar set of questions) to gain clarity around the parts, around the long term goals, and create greater connection. 
VALENTINA – Eager to see how we can come together and find ways to meet the unmet needs in both what Gail and Stefan have shared here.  Appreciating everyone’s transparency and truth and Robert’s comments about time (how we use our time).  All of this has been enormously helpful.  So much clarity today.  Celebrating we’re all on the same page on what is needed.  It’s good we’re all present on these questions.
MARSHALL – Glad we’re having the conversation; eager to get clear both within CNVC and the network.  I like where we’re getting, but we have a lot further to go.  Am confident we’re going to get there.
MARGO – Resonating with what the others have shared.  Mostly interested in finding the clarity.  There are unmet expectations in the network and among ourselves, but there are perhaps unrealistic expectations.  Value NVC and Marshall’s teachings, but need to slow down, find the answers, offer greater opportunities to network for synergy.  Like a breath of fresh air.  I also enjoyed the point of clarity when asking the questions with an open heart and mind.  I look forward to the level of energy in assisting us and others in identifying the answers that will serve us all.  This cannot be rushed; I would like to keep the conversation alive.
ROBERT – Appreciative of the clarity presented here today in these reports.  I feel something in my heart – hope and gratitude for the shared visions of everyone on the call.  Most important thing – how we connect with one another and that it is the highest priority for everyone.
JEFF – More excited than I have been in years.  Celebrating the passion I heard and the transparency.  I hope that this keeps up – lots of positive energy – I hope this keeps up.
IRMTRAUD –  I feel deeply touched and grateful for the connection; hopeful for more connection in the future and grateful for all the members who shared today.
PAN – Echo what I heard from Jeff.  Very pleased about what I heard today.
PAT – Very interesting.  Thank you for speaking so openly.
JOHN – Underscoring what Valentina said about where do we go from here.  Feel frustrated we lack the time to explore a specific plan.  I share the deepening from this conference call.  Thank you everyone.


Please note that, due to the amount of sharing during each report’s presentation, additional commentary was transcribed and can be included in this report.



The meeting was convened at 1:00pm USA MST.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm USA MST.


Minutes transcribed by:  Patricia Harrison – August 31, 2009

CNVC Board of Directors  In Person Meeting
Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 12-15, 2009

In attendance:
Board Members:
Gail Taylor– Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President

Absent: None

Observers: CNVC IT Coordinator Pan Vera (US – Vermont)

Facilitator: Rotated between Board Members
Notetaker: Elin Skappel and Board Secretary Margo Pair


 Announcements & Administrative Matters (May 14th)                 

  • Meeting dates for the Board of Directors for 2010 were confirmed: February 10th, May 20th – 23rd (In Person), August 18th, November 4th to 7th (In Person).

Information Technology Report (Nov. 12, CNVC IT Coordinator Pan Vera)

  • The Information Technology Reports may be found here.
  • Action Item: Pan Vera and Margo Pair will coordinate resources to survey the Certified Trainers by December, to invite them to post trainings and update the trainer visibility sections on the new website.
  • Action Item: Pan Vera and Margo Pair will coordinate resources to prepare a report on  what it will cost to put the new website online.
  • Action Item: The Admin Team will organize and provide the opportunity to invite the network and the Board of Directors to a new website intro meeting, to give them the opportunity to be walked through, shown the special features, and provide feedback. This meeting is expected to be 2 hours long.

Office Team Report (Nov. 12, CNVC Office Representative Jay McMillan)

  • The Office Team Report may be found here. Jay McMillan’s function at the CNVC Office is as Bookstore Manager.  

Educational Services Report (Nov. 12, CNVC Certification Coordinator Rita Herzog)

  • The Educational Services Report may be found here.
  • Action Item: Margo Pair will contact Rita Herzog about Assessors listed, who did not participate in an assessor training.
  • Agenda Item for Educational Services Team: Suspension of trainers (mediation by whom, language around process, repeated complaints by others, etc) – would assessors volunteer to mediate? What is the next step?

Financial Report (Nov. 12, Board Treasurer Valentina Rosenberg and Board Secretary Margo Pair)

  • The Board of Director accepted the Financial Report as delivered.
  • The Financial Report may be found here.

Admin Team Report (Submitted via email, Admin Team Member Margo Pair)

  • The Admin Team Report may be found here.

Board Committee Time (Nov. 13)

  • Action Item: Margo Pair will prepare and submit to the Board of Directors a report of current CNVC trademarks and which areas do not currently have trademarks protected – with room for continuous updates as to new development and explanation where trademarks are not pursued (too expensive, etc.)
  • Action Item: Valentina Rosenberg and Margo Pair will bring the list of suggested amendments for the trademarks, copyright and trainer agreement to the attorneys. (Note: the trademark and copyright agreements have already been signed and put into effect, and it is possible they may not be amendable at this time.)
  • Action Item: Valentina Rosenberg will share the lawyer’s contact information with other Board Members upon request, for questions in regard to the contracts.

Strategic Planning (Nov. 14 and 15, Board Member Gail Taylor and Board Vice President Stefan Wisbauer)

  • Notes from Gail Taylor’s Strategic Planning Session can be found here.  
  • Strategic Planning Compilation by Stefan Wisbauer can be found here.
    As part of the ongoing effort to create more connection, clarity and efficiency in our global collaboration, The Board Members felt it was important to review and confirm CNVC’s overall Vision and Mission as well as ensure its alignment with clarified roles / functions of CNVC as such in the global NVC movement. Discussions with many individuals have confirmed a desire for such clarity.

    The Board Members see all parts as naturally evolving over the long run and are open to hearing concerns about any areas of activity or suggestions for missing activities.

Vision: The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) pursues the vision of a world in which

  • everyone values everyone’s basic human needs and lives from a consciousness that connects with the divine life energy and inherent unity of all life
  • where every individual embraces self compassion
  • where people joyfully and compassionately contribute to each other and resolve conflicts peacefully
  • where the systems and structures we create in economics, education, justice, healthcare, peace-keeping and other areas across our global interdependent community reflect that consciousness and evaluate their actions against their contribution to life and the human needs they ultimately serve.

Mission: Our mission is to contribute to making that vision a reality by:

  • living NVC
  • enabling development of self-organizing entities to care for the needs of those sharing the vision
  • supporting continuing integrity of NVC embodiment through IITs, and training / continuing education for NVC trainers and assessors
  • encouraging and enabling the development of social change efforts
  • fostering connection and collaboration among key individuals, groups and organizations who share our vision
  • providing a repository of NVC materials for global access
  • Action Item: Margo Pair, will prepare a communication to the network to collect Pre-Decision input on the Vision and Mission statement edit.
  • PRE-DECISION ITEM: The Board has defined core functions for CNVC as follows. The Board requests feedback from the global network – “Is there anything missing for you?”
    • Holder of NVC Intellectual Property rights
    • Certification and continuing education of trainers and assessors
    • Ensuring integrity of NVC work around the world
    • Provision of IIT training
      • To ensure integrity in certification
      • Continuing connection with the public
      • Source of income
    • Enabling self organizing and cooperative support structures for the network
      • Mediation
      • Exchange of Best Practices
      • Fundraising support
      • Empathy
      • Materials Translation
      • Etc
    • Initiate enabling framework for Social Change projects in all five key areas
    • Repository for NVC material
    • Fundraising
    • Tools & Support for global network (e.g. website, forums)
    • Build partnerships and collaborate with other organizations, for synergy toward the vision
    • Conflict resolution support for network if network efforts are insufficient
  • DECISION: The Admin Team will explore scheduling further IITs for 2010, possibly adding an additional IIT in the last half of 2010. Potential lead trainers for the additional IIT(s) would be approached and trained in the first half of 2010.
  • Observations/needs: IIT founder and lead trainer Marshall Rosenberg’s role is changing as he is choosing to explore new avenues for sharing his NVC knowledge through other avenues such as webcasting. The IITs serve many purposes for both participants and  CNVC, one being as part of the Certification process, and also as a strategy to nurture a deeper connection and shared understanding with potential future Certified Trainers along with people living NVC all over the world. The IITs are also a significant contributor to CNVC’s sustainability as an organization and ability to support NVC projects – and IIT participants who need support to attend the IIT and bring NVC back to their communities worldwide, through Tuition Reductions.  Contribution, Shared Understanding, Connection, Sustainability.
  • Action Item: The Board will communicate the decision about 2010 IITs and new development in regard to lead trainers to the network within 14-30 days.
  • Action Item: Stefan Wisbauer will draft a Board response to the GCC trainer fee proposal, including the 4 points that the Board agreed on.
  • Action Item: Stefan Wisbauer will draft a new vision statement for Board review, taking into account the discussion points by the Board 11/14/09 (Elin Skappel sent notes of the discussion to Stefan Wisbauer 11/14/09).

Review of Board Membership (Nov. 15)

  • Board Membership periods for Robert Gonzales, Valentina Rosenberg and Margo Pair are complete as of November 2009. To stay in compliance with rules and regulations the Board needs a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • DECISION: Robert Gonzales is not renewing his roles as Board President and Board Member at this time, but expressed openness to consider Board Membership in the future. The Board Members expressed deep gratitude to Robert for his 3 years of service on the Board.
  • DECISION: The Board elected to temporarily promote Vice President Stefan Wisbauer to fill the role as Board President until next Board Meeting.
  • DECISION: Valentina Rosenberg offered to extend her Board Membership and role as Board Treasurer for 6 months; this was approved by the Board.
  • DECISION: Margo Pair offered to extend her Board Membership and role as Board Secretary for 1 year; this was approved by the Board.
  • Action Item: Robert Gonzales will write the Board President’s Report for the 2009 Annual Report and send this to Margo Pair.
  • Action Item: The Admin Team will send out requests to a few individuals and inquire about their interest and willingness to serve as Members on the Board
  • Action Item: The Board will send out a request to the network for nominations/suggestions for new Board Members; Margo Pair will prepare draft before next Board Meeting.
  • Future Agenda Item: Gail’s Membership Status

Evolution (Nov. 15)

  • Action Item: Valentina will find a date for a conference call for the Evolution Committee to discuss both the evolution of the organization and the evolution of Marshall Rosenberg’s part. Network feedback/input will also be considered during this meeting.
  • Future Agenda Item (in approx. 6 months): The Board will revisit the topic of Evolution.
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