International Intensive Training (IIT) in Norway: June-July 2023

Finding Meaning and Coexistence in Times of Uncertainty: 9-day retreat in Nonviolent Communication

Join us for a residential retreat in Norway (26-Jun to 05-Jul-2023) that will help you bring nonviolence and peace into all areas of your life. In this event, you can discover skills that will help you improve the quality of your relationships, deepen your inner peace, and increase your contribution to the world.

This 9-day immersion experience into Nonviolent Communication (NVC) will offer learning sessions, home groups, coaching and feedback from skilled trainers, and a community environment where you can learn and practise the key skills of NVC.

Our team of Certified Trainers will share both the core curriculum of NVC as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, as well as their own unique applications. We expect a group of approximately 60-70 people from different countries, cultural backgrounds, professions and walks of life.

People around the world are using Nonviolent Communication skills to transform conflict, create resiliency in their relationships, and build a world where everyone's needs matter and are met collaboratively.

We will create a dynamic learning laboratory that will show you how to create a more compassionate and peaceful culture in your life at home, at work, and in your community by learning how to:

  1. Speak from the heart
  2. Practice deep, non-judgmental listening
  3. Build self-empowerment from the inside out


 Basic Details

Format: In-person, 9-day residential retreat

Language: English

Begins: Monday, 26 June 2023 (17:00h)

Ends: Wednesday, 05 July 2023 (13:00h)

Location: Jonatunet Hotel in Jondal, Norway (see the exact location)

Sponsor: Center for Nonviolent Communication

Organiser: Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen, Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Steps to Register:

  1. Fill out the pre-registration form.
  2. Make your payment (or request financial assistance). Instructions will be provided after you submit the pre-registration form.
  • Note: 5 weeks prior to the start of the training, we will send you a form asking you about your dietary preferences, special needs, or other things that will make your experience as successful and meaningful as possible. (Note: We will send you this form).



 Goals of this Training

The purpose of this intensive training is to give you the opportunity to live the process of Nonviolent Communication in community over an extended period of time, in order to develop the mindsets and practical tools to help you in three areas:

Around the bonfire at the IIT in Denmark, June 2017. Photo by Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen.
A bonfire at the Denmark IIT (2017). Photo: Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen

1. Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Increase connection and closeness with the people you love.
  • Speak in a way that inspires compassion and understanding.
  • Initiate difficult conversations with more ease and confidence.
  • Remain centered and peaceful when receiving difficult messages.
  • Express and receive anger fully, safely and respectfully... yet powerfully.
  • Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal painful relationships.
  • Parent children from the heart and move beyond power struggles into cooperation.
  • Translate criticism, judgments and blame into life-serving messages.

2. Inner Transformation

  • Shift patterns of thinking that lead to depression, guilt and shame and that perpetuate pain.
  • Transform anger into self-understanding, thereby increasing inner peace.
  • Enliven yourself by expressing and receiving gratitude.
  • Learn to embody unconditional love.

3. Contribution to others and Social Change

  • Share NVC in ways that transmit and model its power to transform and inspire others.
  • Create educational systems where students love learning and teachers love teaching.
  • Learn to engage in effective, lasting nonviolent social change in the tradition of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • Facilitate meetings and support group decision making in a power-sharing, collaborative, and consensus-based ways.
  • Support holistic and human-based workplaces
  • Engage with others at work and in the community to foster openness, trust and authenticity.
  • Support mutual understanding and connection when working in colonised countries.
  • Foster restoration and harmony by mediating conflicts and helping to resolve differences among others.

While we will prioritise these three areas in the curriculum, there is also room for co-creation. There will be opportunities for you to request specific topics and applications to support you in living and sharing NVC at work, home, and in the community as well as internally in how you relate to yourself.


 The Training Team

Each member of the training team is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Anniken Beer Poulson

Trainer: Anniken Poulsson Beer (Norway)

Certified Trainer and Director of NVC Norway

Anniken Poulsson Beer became the first certified CNVC trainer in Norway in 2012. She has a background in preschool and drama teaching and has worked in education since the mid-1980s. Anniken has leadership and coach experience for 20 years, and teaches Nonviolent Communication all over the world.

She is passionate about bringing out empathic communication, connection, and understanding in all kinds of relationships, in particular relationships between adults and children. She is inspired by Robert Gonzales and Sarah Peyton, and shares several exercises she has learned from each of them.

Anniken is the Executive Director of NVC Norway, and since March 2020 has worked full-time as an NVC trainer.

Learn more about Anniken

Liv Larsson

Trainer: Liv Larsson (Sweden)

Certified Trainer, Author and Mediator

Liv Larsson has been a Certified Trainer with CNVC since 2002. She lives in the north of Sweden, leads training all over the world, and is the author of 22 books on communication both for adults and children. Liv also works as a mediator between the indigenous group of Sweden, the Sami, and different forest and mining companies. She loves cross-country-skiing, writing, and enjoying life, preferably in nature. The mother of a son of 18 and she lives with him, his Dad, a dog, and a cat in a small red house in the forest with a garden and greenhouse.
Shame has become one of the mysteries of inner human life that Liv has spent a lot of time studying and sharing her knowledge about. Embracing shame means opening up possibilities to learning about human interaction and showing how to find dignity, acceptance, and belonging. Integral theory, spiral dynamics are other areas of interest.
"To be part of the training team feels great as I spent every summer in northern Norway as a child with my family, so this feels like coming home. Peace work is best done in strengthening connections between people and countries and this IIT is one of those events worth doing." You can find her lecture on shame here: Liv Larsson "Shame – friend or foe?Learn more about Liv

Amal Mekouar

Trainer: Amal Mekouar (Morocco)

Certified Trainer and Assessor-in-Training

Since an early age, Amal has been very curious to meet people from different walks of life and different cultures, secretly searching for what is similar and what is specific about human beings. In 2002, she decided to take a year off to travel around the world. This experience profoundly transformed her.

Amal is a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication and an assessor in training, currently living in Casablanca (Morocco) with her Lebanese husband and 2 daughters. She shares her understanding of NVC in three languages and in different countries and regions of the world (North Africa, West Africa, Lebanon in the Middle East, France). She has been a pioneer in teaching NVC and setting local NVC associations in Morocco and Ivory Coast where she lived for two years.  Her interest in diversity and multiculturalism led her to organize and/or facilitate several residential trainings to build bridges between cultures in Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, and Ivory Coast from 2012 on.

Amal is passionate about promoting social change projects in Africa and has been involved in a large initiative with Cocoa farmers in West Africa. She supported team leaders engage in social change projects in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Cameroun. She is currently engaged in Girafrica, a project aiming at training peace ambassadors and certifying trainers in Francophone Africa.

She was working in Finance when she met NVC in 2006, and shifted to focus her attention to sharing NVC in 2008 with different audiences: organizations, NGO staff (local and international), peace actors, lawyers & judges, doctors, youths, parents, as well as business leaders, coaches and other individuals looking to experience cooperation, improve management, communication and conflict resolution skills. Amal earned a bachelor's degree in engineering and an MBA from Columbia University – New York (USA), and worked in finance in international groups. Learn more about Amal

Giacomo Poleschi Mekouar

Trainer: Giacomo Poleschi (Italy)

Certified Trainer, Coach, and Mediator

As a Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Giacomo loves sharing NVC by facilitating workshops and supporting individuals and groups. In family contexts, education or corporate, he offers training, parenting support, coaching and personal development, NVC mediation, facilitation of groups.

He's passionate about education and parenting and he is part of, a group that support people in bringing Nonviolent Communication into the education system. He met NVC in 2012 just as his wife and he were waiting for the birth of their first daughter. He was immediately struck by the possibility that NVC offered to try to experience parenthood and relationships in a completely different and meaningful way. Since then he started his journey to learn and live NVC.

In 2014 he quit his job to spend one year and a half with his daughter as a "full-time dad." In 2016, inspired by putting into practice his learning with NVC to create a different workplace, where people could experience authentic collaboration and pleasure to work together, he  created “In Pasta - cibo e convivio” together with his wife and some friends, an artisanal pasta laboratory and restaurant.

He graduated in Computer Engineering and worked in the past in the field of Supply Chain and Logistic. Today, besides offering trainings in nonviolent communication, he shares the care of his children. He lives with his wife and three children by the west coast in Tuscany, Italy. Learn more about Giacomo

Benedikt Loser

Trainer: Benedikt Loser (Switzerland)

Certified Trainer and Assessor

Note: Benedikt will join this training if we exceed 55 participants.

Benedict lives outside of Zürich, Switzerland, in a patchwork family with five adult children and about a dozen bee-hives.

More than twenty years in technical projects made him deeply realize that no project ever failed or will fail out of technology reasons but always because of how people deal with each other, how they behave under pressure.

Having done investigations and research for over 15 years, he found in NVC the way into a mindset, supporting honestly and fearlessly staying connected under pressure, being able to establish sustainable solutions that serve all involved parties – way beyond compromise.

Over time then, he moved his occupation towards personal growth and for over 10 years, he is acting as a full-time trainer, facilitator, and coach. Enjoying trainings and coaching with leadership people in global enterprises as well as individuals in his training facilities. Learn more about Benedikt

The Organiser


Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen

Organiser: Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen (Norway/Colombia)

Certified Trainer, Teacher/Lecturer, Mediator and Managing Director of Empathos Partners

Maybe it was the bullying at the new school I had started as a 10-year-old that made me eventually feel the urge to get out and about. As a 16-year-old, I received a scholarship to the International Baccalaureate (IB) school United World College in the US and a whole new world opened up - literally. There, I was one of 200 students from more than 70 countries, and identity, conflict and peace work took on a whole new meaning. I then went as a human rights observer in Guatemala and took a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Spanish. I even managed to get kidnapped in Yemen in 2012 while working for the United Nations, and understood the extraordinary power and magic of empathy during my 12 days in captivity.

I first became acquainted with NVC in 2002 through my work at the Norwegian Centre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Management (CCM) and became acquainted with NVC’s Founder Marshall Rosenberg (RIP) in Brazil in 2005. I had the pleasure of training with him for 23 days and after many more years of training and practice I became Norway's second certified NVC trainer in 2018, with the mentorship of Towe Widstrand and training more with Kirsten Kirstensen, Marianne Göthlin, Bridget Belgrave and others. I have previously held trainings and practice groups in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Nepal, Panama, South Africa, Thailand, the US, Yemen and other countries, and now I offer courses, guidance, practice groups and online courses on NVC in Norwegian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. I also regularly organise the first ever digital Nordic Empathy Festival.

From Jessheim, Norway, where I live with my Colombian husband and our Yorkshire Terrier, I also work as a mediator with the Norwegian Mediation Council and I served as Director of NVC Norway for two years. Having attended two IITs and helped organise the IIT in Denmark in 2017, I could not be more excited about the first ever IIT in Norway, in gorgeous nature on Norway’s western coast. I very much look forward to welcoming and serving you all. Velkommen til Norge! Learn more about Gert




The cost of this training has two components: 1) Tuition; and 2) Accommodation (Room and Board)

1. Tuition (USD): convert to your currency

  • $1,989 Early Bird (make your payment by 26-Mar-2023)
  • $2,340 Standard (27-Mar-2023 and after)

Additional tuition discounts (you may apply only one of these discounts):

  • 10% if you participated in (and paid for) a previous intensive training with CNVC
  • 10% if you have been a Supporting Member of CNVC for 6 months or more.
  • 15% for registered Certification Candidates
  • 25% if you are an active Certified Trainer with CNVC - Note, that there is also a limited number of tuition-free spaces available for Certified Trainers, granted by a committee. For more information, email us at [email protected].

Once you fill out the Pre-registration form, you will receive instructions about how to pay tuition.

Financial assistance: 

After applying the available discounts, if you are not able to afford the tuition, you can request financial assistance to further reduce your tuition fee (Note: We do not offer assistance for Room and Board, which is a direct expense for us to the venue). We have a limited amount of financial assistance available and we prioritise people who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Actively collaborating with others in the NVC network
  2. Can use what they learn in this training to make an impact such as in education, government, environmental sustainability, equity and inclusion, or with an NGO or community-based organization.
  3. From a region that has fewer in-person NVC trainings.
  4. Part of an economic system that offers less access to financial resources.
  5. Come from a disadvantaged group (race, ethnicity, origin, religion, gender identity, class)
  6. Willing to search for other sources of financial support such as their workplace, family, or organizations they are involved in (in order to be in partnership with us about finding the resources to host this training while including as many people as possible)

NOTE: We will next be reviewing the requests for financial assistance in March, so if you submit your request by 10-Mar-2023, we can consider you at that time.

2. Room and Board (USD): convert to your currency

Room and Board prices include your room and all meals throughout the event beginning with dinner the first day and ending with lunch the final day. Some room types are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Room options include:

  • SOLD OUT - Single Room (shared bathroom): $1,140
  • SOLD OUT - Double Room (shared bathroom): $800
  • Shared Room (shared bathroom, 2-5 roommates, may imply a bunk bed): $760
  • Camping site (bring your own tent): $570
  • Campervan site (park your campervan on site): $670
  • Commuter option (for those who would like to stay in an AirBnB, rented house or a hotel nearby, for more privacy and comfort): $370

Cancellation Policy:

Note: Any refunds due will be issued within 2 weeks after the cancellation.

A. If we cancel:

If we cancel this training, you receive a 100% refund (or if you prefer, you can apply your payment to another CNVC intensive training within 2 years).

B. If you cancel:

Through 26-May-2023, you have two options:

  1. Transfer 100% of your payment to a future CNVC intensive training within 2 years; or
  2. Receive a refund minus a nonrefundable $150 tuition deposit

Between 27-May-2023 and 22-Jun-2023, you have two options:

  1. Transfer 75% of your payment to a future CNVC training (we retain 25%); or
  2. Receive a 50% refund (we retain 50%).

Beginning 23-Jun-2023 no refunds or transfers are available.


Finally, before this training begins, we will ask you to make several agreements to create an environment that is safe and supportive for everyone, and that supports you in making choices for your own well being. To preview these agreements, go to this page.




Hotel Norway IIT

Venue: Jonatunet

Address: Hestahagen 3, 5627 Jondal, Norway (location in Google Maps)

This event will be held at the Jonatunet in Jondal, Norway.

The tiny village Jondal is located by the stunning Hardangerfjord in Western Norway. The wooden yellow building, Jonatunet, is from 1934 and protected by law. Previously a hospital, it is now used by the Hardanger Academy to host events which promote peace, sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

Jonatunet offers 26 bedrooms of simple standard with shared bathrooms and toilets on all floors. There is a large dining room, several smaller kitchens and living rooms, as well as a huge garden for fun, play, ball games and relaxation. There are also several smaller rooms for lectures or group work, as well as a chapel, a library, workout infrastructure, a table tennis table and an herb garden.

At Jonatunet you will also be able to row on the Hardangerfjord, go swimming, borrow a canoe or go fishing in the glacial waters. A modern swimming pool is located only a two minutes' walk from the venue, offering therapeutic pools, a climbing wall, workout areas and a football field. All floors and facilities are accessible to wheelchair users and others with challenges of mobility.


We recommend that you wait until we confirm your registration and the training itself before you book non-refundable travel.

Travel Visa

If you need to obtain a visa, please consult the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate in your country. If you need an invitation letter from us in order to apply for your Visa, email us.


General Travel Information

Please wait to purchase your travel until we confirm your registration.

Jondal is located by the Hardangerfjord, about a two-hour drive east by car from Bergen, including 20 minutes by ferry across the fjord.




The nearest airport is Bergen Flesland Airport (code BGO). From the airport, take the tram Bybanen to Bergen City Bus Station (about 40 minutes). From the bus station, take bus no. 925 to Jondal. It leaves from platform O at 14:25, 15:20 and 16:25. You may need to change buses in Norheimsund.

If you prefer to experience the scenery crossing the mountains, you may choose to arrive at Oslo Airport Gardermoen (code OSL). From the airport, take a train to Oslo Central Station. They run every 20-30 minutes.

Note: From the airport, the VY train is much cheaper than the Flytoget (Express Train). From Oslo Central Station, go by train to Bergen (7-8 hours). (You can also go by bus from Oslo to Bergen - see Travel by bus below).

We recommend that you purchase train tickets in advance through VY’s website. You can easily walk from Bergen Central Station to the bus station. From the bus station, take bus no. 925 to Jondal. It leaves from platform O at 14:25, 15:20 and 16:25. You may need to change buses/transfer in Norheimsund and/or at Seljestad.  



From Oslo, Stavanger and Haugesund: Follow the E134 Haukeli and turn off towards Odda by Seljestad. Then take Fv550/Fv551 Folgefonntunnelen. Just after the tunnel, turn right towards Fv107 Jondalstunnelen and continue to Jondal. Jonatunet is located on the north side of Jondalselvi, about 500 metres north of the ferry in the city centre.

Here is the location of the venue in Google Maps.



From Oslo: From Oslo Central Station, go by train to Bergen. We suggest you get train tickets in advance through VY’s web site on You can easily walk from Bergen Central Station to the bus station. From Bergen Bus Station, take bus no. 925 to Jondal. It leaves from platform O at 14:25, 15:20 and 16:25.



From Oslo: From the Oslo Bus Terminal, take the Haukeliekspressen towards Haugesund. It leaves Oslo at 09:45. There is a transfer at Seljestad, and you will arrive at Jondal at 17:55.

From Stavanger: Take the Kystbuss which leaves at 11:15 from Stavanger Bus Terminal. Transfer in Aksdal and at Seljestad. Arrival at Jondal at 17:55.

From Haugesund: Take the Haukeliekspressen from the bus terminal in the center at 13:10. Transfer at Seljestad, and you will arrive at Jondal at 17:55


Express Boat:

From Nordfjord/Sogn: Arrival in Bergen at 11:50.

From Sunnhordland: Arrival in Bergen at 12:05 and at 15:50.

From the bus terminal, take bus 750 to Jondal at 12:55. Transfer in Mundheim. You can also take bus 925 to Jondal at 14:25 and 16:25, leaving from platform O. Transfer in Norheimsund and/or Seljestad.


 Covid-19 Considerations

We care for your health and safety, whilst valuing choice and freedom. So we are doing our best to form a clear and inclusive health and safety policy and measures, doing anything in our power to organise this safe and legal, live, in-person event. The IIT organiser will research and stay up-to-date on any Covid-related regulations and protocols for Norway, if applicable.

CNVC and the organiser will create Covid-related policies and protocols within 4 weeks of the start date for what happens if anyone at the event tests positive for Covid and/or exhibits Covid-related symptoms (including what happens with testing). Covid-19 information pages for more local information:

 Will you Join Us?

We look forward to welcoming you to Jondal, Norway!

Gert, Anniken, and the team