Online Session with John Kinyon


Mediate Your Life with the Magic of the Three Chairs

1/2 day interactive training in Nonviolent Communication on Sunday, 12-Dec-2021


John Kinyon, Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication
John Kinyon, the leader of this session.

Join us for this online event with Certified Trainer John Kinyon to gain more ease and confidence when you find yourself in the intensity of conflict.

In this 3.5 hour session, you will learn conversation maps (both inner and outer) that build resilience with adversity, strengthen your relationships, and open new creative possibilities.

This event is by donation and is a fundraiser for the Center for Nonviolent Communication, meaning that you can sign up for free and choose to give a donation in an amount of your choice to support our work.


Many of us have learned to fear conflict and view it as a detrimental force that is to be avoided or eliminated in order to preserve our safety and well being. However, avoiding or suppressing conflict often exacerbates the problem rather than solving it, causing stress and anxiety for everyone concerned.

In this session, John will draw from the principles of Nonviolent Communication and show you how to successfully navigate difficult conversations to transform conflict into collaboration, cooperation, and creative solutions.

John will share his process of the "three chairs of mediation" that you can apply both to inner conflicts and to ones with other people, using a series of interactive activities including breakout groups, demonstrations with feedback, and question and answer segments. You will be engaged by this participatory session and we hope that you will join us!


 Basic Details

Format: Online (Zoom)

Date: Sunday, 12-December-2021

this session will take place on Zoom

Language: English (we can also offer simultaneous translation in other languages if we have volunteer translators. Email us for details)

Duration: 3.5 hours

Start Time: UTC 16.30 (see the start time in your location)

  • 08.30 - Los Angeles
  • 11.30 - New York
  • 16.30 - London
  • 17.30 - Paris
  • 18.30 - Bucharest/Jerusalem

Sponsor: Center for Nonviolent Communication

Cost: By donation (this is a fundraiser for CNVC). Register for free and choose at that time -- or at the session -- to make a donation in an amount of your choice.


 Fundraiser for CNVC

This session is offered free of charge to anyone who wants to build their resilience for difficult conversations and remaining present amidst intensity. We have big dreams at the Center for Nonviolent Communication for sharing this work widely in the world, so we ask you to make a donation in an amount of your choice while taking into consideration the following factors:

  1. The value that you will receive (or anticipate that you will receive) by participating in this session.
  2. Your desire to contribute to our mission of helping people resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively in personal, organizational, and political settings.
  3. The amount of financial resources that you have access to.

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You can make a donation any time on this page, or register for this event and you will receive further instructions. If, based on the factors listed above, the amount that you can contribute is $0, we want you to join us for this training anyway!

How much are we asking for? (How much do we need?)

This event is one of several fundraising strategies that we have used throughout the year to bring in funds for our work. We would be grateful to receive a total of USD $15,000 in donations as a result of this session in a mixture of amounts such as the following:

  • 5 people who contribute $1,000
  • 5 people who contribute $500
  • 10 people who contribute $250
  • 25 people who contribute $100
  • 25 people who contribute $50
  • 50 people who contribute $25

If you choose to make a donation, which of these amounts represents a modest stretch for you that you can manage while maintaining your security and well being?

 About John Kinyon

John Kinyon has devoted his life and career to furthering human connection and cooperation around the world through empathic communication. He works with individuals and organizations as a trainer, coach, mediator, and author dedicated to sharing the skills, practices, and structures of empathy and consciousness in conversation as part of our overall health and wellness.

John Kinyon, Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication

John's mentor was Dr. Marshall Rosenberg (1934-2015), the founder of Nonviolent Communication, and with whom John served as a trainer at more than twenty-five (25) 9-day intensive retreats (IITs). Prior to his retirement, Marshall designated John as one of five trainers that he wanted to continue his work through CNVC as a Senior Trainer.

John's approach provides conversation maps for navigating challenges and conflicts, inner and outer, in all aspects of life. John has developed his work over more than 20 years and is the co-creator of the international Mediate Your Life Training Program, which provides skills and conversation “maps” for navigating challenges and conflicts, inner and outer, in all aspects of life.based in the work of NVC.

Through the online community he formed, and through in-person training workshops, courses, and programs, John has brought the training to people in his home country of the United States as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia. John has an M.S. in Clinical Psychology; has been a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2000; and was a co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication.  Learn more about John.