West Sound NVC Practice group

We come together to practice giving and receiving empathy, honest expression and to learn and integrate Nonviolent Communication. Currently we are led my Marcia Christen, a Certified Trianer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. We hope to be expanding soon to have various West Sound NVC trainers and NVC enthusiasts and/or NVC Trainer Candidates support and share in a learning community and become a new NVC community weave (group). The hope is to create an empathic space that is safe for learning, integrating, and immersing in Nonviolent Communication. The format is open to what people bring to it. It may be helpful to have had some exposure to NVC before the practice group by an introductory workshop, a class series, reading the book by Marshall Rosenberg or watching videos or taking telecourses. Currently there is an ask for a donation. We may be changing once we open up the group. We hope to find a bigger space that is more centrally located in Kitsap county. Email Marcia Christen to find out times and locations.


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