Wednesday evening practice group

Purpose: To continue learning & integrating NVC so it's easier to use it in your real life. The emphasis is on practicing, not on talking “about” NVC. What happens at a practice group? I typically lead a guided self-connection process, to help us settle in and become more fully present. I ask if anyone has any questions or requests about what they'd like us to cover in the session. I ask if anyone has any celebrations or mournings to share regarding their using or not using NVC in something that happened in their life since we last met. I always have an exercise to share, which we may or may not do, depending upon what participants have requested for the session. The session may include: short instruction, questions & answers, exercises & games, role-plays, giving and/or receiving empathy for individual people who want it, video clips of Marshall Rosenberg leading classes. We also practice using NVC to navigate any decisions or issues that come up in the group itself. Commitment: You are welcome to come intermittently or on a regular basis. If you don't come regularly, I encourage you to confirm with me that we're holding it that day, in case it's canceled, and to have seating for you. I ask regular participants to let me know by 10 am that morning (for evening groups) and by the evening before (for the daytime group) if they're not coming. If you are the only one coming, I'll call, let you know group is canceled. Sometimes if it's just one or two people, we meet via phone (3-way calling) instead of in person. Cost: I put out a basket and offer these groups on a donation basis. I notice that having a flow of energy, a giving and receiving between us contributes to a sense of balance and partnership I really enjoy. So, if learning NVC is valuable to you and you would enjoy supporting it and my continuing to train for it, I am grateful for your financial donation in an amount that you truly like giving. I also enjoy trading some services-- for instance, one person occasionally cooks for me and another has helped with work around my house. I'd also love some help on the computer. Please contact me if you have any questions as I'd love to talk with you about practicing with us!


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