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Training Details

NVC & dance holiday retreat in France




General NVC


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Burke, Cath

Date and Time

Sun, May 26, 2019 — May 26th 18.00 to May 31st 10.00 — Rome (GMT+1)


Domaine Le Hameau de l
Route de Frouzet


Are you busier than you'd like to be? Would you like to pause and attend to your own self-care and practise of NVC?
This is an invitation to nurture yourself in many ways:
emotionally by experiencing held NVC processes, empathy circles and NVC through movement and dance
physically by swimming, dancing, relaxing in the sun and eating good food
mentally by witnessing NVC role-plays and dance-floors
The venue is part of the nourishment: it's in an ancient oak forest with a heavenly swimming pool - I know, I've tried it! It’s in the south of France - hot in May - and can be reached in a day by Eurostar and train (no need to fly)…

Board & accommodation
There’s a variety of accommodation - rooms or gorgeous huts in the woods. The food is all prepared for you and served on a terrace over-looking the hills. Luxury!
Participants book their accommodation directly with the venue. See the range of options here:

What to expect
A smallish group of about 10 spending the mornings practising NVC. No planned theme but an opportunity for everyone to have group time working on whatever they want - a role-play, a difficult conversation, an NVC kinaesthetic dance-floor - processes for transforming regret, anger, shame, depression, making decisions; self-empathy, empathy, whatever. We would respond to what’s wanted…The afternoons will be free to swim, read, snooze, walk…And small empathy exchange groups for an hour before dinner. Then a dance session in the evening. If you’ve never tried ‘conscious dance’ before you are especially welcome. No experience is necessary – you cannot do it wrong! And all ages, body shapes and fitness levels are welcome. Any doubts or queries please call me for a chat.

I’m guessing all this would add up to a holiday workshop meeting needs for connection, nourishment, rest and relaxation, growth, learning, discovery, companionship and community, warmth of all kinds, fun, beauty…..

Check out the photos!

6pm Sunday 26th May till 10am Friday 31st (1 evening, 4 full days / 5 nights)

If you'd like to travel with others we'll coordinate Eurostar and train to and from Montpellier and taxis between Montpellier and the venue (28 km).

1. Accommodation & food: £310 (E345) (for a wooden hut shared between 2 people: 5 nights @ £62 (E69) per night); other accommodation is available. Participants book their accommodation directly with the venue. See the range of options here:
2. Dance / NVC room hire: £60 (E67)
Total fixed cost: £370 approx
3. Cath’s facilitation (payable after the event): sliding scale £220 - £320.

Enquiries & booking
Cath: / 07847 828 636
Register your interest ASAP - places are limited

About movement & dance
I keep discovering new ways in which mindful movement supports the practice of NVC. Conscious dance increases Emotional Intelligence - quite simply, as we move e-motions stir, creativity and intuition awaken and we discover a richer internal landscape to bring into relationship which is more satisfying for everyone. Many of us have been conditioned to cut off from our emotional world to stay safe but sense that something is missing. When we move we can feel more alive and bringing this aliveness into conversations helps others feel as well as hear our words - this increases the chances of connection. Through dance we get more comfortable in our own skin which can help us be bolder in asking for what we want and more able to tolerate a “No”. Some of us are highly reactive, easily angered, fearful or disorientated by the words and behaviour of others. All of us have brains that are biologically programmed to react disproportionately to the common forms of stress we encounter every day. Bringing awareness to movement helps us regulate our emotions: we learn to use the body to ground and centre when we’re under attack, so we can choose how we respond in challenging conversations.

Testimonials: "Before the first dance session I felt quite stressed and fearful as I’d never done this type of movement practice before. Initially I felt uncomfortable but after a minute I started stretching and began feeling more relaxed and calm. I closed my eyes and started to feel my body, every part of it. The deeper we went into dance the more connected I felt with myself. The more connected I felt with myself the closer I felt to the group. I loved the energy we all created there. It was the atmosphere of acceptance, joy and calmness. It was such a precious and powerful experience." Marianna
'Using movement in dance helped me to connect to someone when words felt inadequate. It gave me the opportunity to empathise and feel compassion towards him without the pressure of getting it ‘wrong’.’ Kate
More info about Open Floor Movement Practice:

Guidelines for first timers
1 There are no steps to follow.
2 On the Open Floor we shift from speaking with words to speaking with movement. It makes for very creative conversations.
3 If you have no idea what to do, try something below:
Stay As with any meditation practice, distractions happen – expect them. Just gently bring your attention back to movement.
Pace yourself No matter what the rest of the room is doing, listen to your body. If you relax in the beat, like a swimmer treading water, you’ll refuel.
Stretch yourself If you always keep to yourself, include someone else in your dance. If you prefer dancing with a partner, try going solo. Slow down. Speed up. Experiment. Break a habit. Imitate somebody and see how it feels.
It’s not about the music The teacher uses music to catalyse movement. Love it or hate it, how you respond is up to you. Use everything as fuel for your dance.
Don't give up We all hit patches of fatigue, boredom, shyness, frustration, or discomfort. Even if you can only wiggle a finger or nod your head to the beat, stay with it until something changes. Most often, it will.
Enjoy yourself Excessive seriousness will slow you down.

Who is it for

Pre-requisite: at least a Foundation Training in NVC. No conscious dance / mindful movement experience is necessary.

What to Bring

Whatever you normally take on holiday plus
journal and pen
comfortable shoes / trainers and clothes for moving / dancing in
swimming costume if you want to make use of the pool

Registration, payment and deposit info.

Cath: / 07847 828 636
Register your interest ASAP - places are limited


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