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Training Details

NVC for Flowing Relationships




General NVC


In Person




Monroe, Liv
Sly, Fred

Date and Time

Wed, Jun 5, 2019 to Sun, Jun 9, 2019 — check in before dinner at 6:00pm Wednesday. Ends after 1:00 lunch on Sunday. — Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)


60 Miles East of Salem, Oregon at Breitenbush Hot Springs

5300 Breitenbush Rd
Detroit, Oregon 97342
United States


FRED SLY and LIV MONROE will tailor this workshop to you. Using Nonviolent Communication, they will provide you with the tools, practice, and capacities you need to create and sustain joyful, flowing relationships. We will combine fun and deep, heartfelt learning into capacities you can take home. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to work through unresolved upsets and practice the difficult conversations that could bring relief. Whether your stuck places are at work, at home, with children, friends, or with intimate partners, you will return to your relationships ready to shift old stuck energy and experience sweet movement in connection, even your connection with yourself.

This experiential retreat will support you to integrate the practical tools of Nonviolent Communication through practice, story, understanding, play, demonstration, and a heart-connected approach which could profoundly change the way you experience life.

In a atmosphere of trust, transform relationship and personal patterns such as blaming, criticizing and self-doubting that interfere with intimacy and friendship; build skills that help you meet your needs for respect, appreciation, nurturing communication and more. Imagine living closer to your authentic self on a daily basis? Being able to stay present and empathically connected to someone’s heart even in painful or difficult moments?

This is a unique opportunity to do something for yourself in a natural paradise? You will be nurtured by gentle people serving delicious vegetarian meals, hiking options in an old-growth forest, and many choices for soaking in hot springs overlooking a natural meadow and mighty river.

Liv Monroe and Fred Sly are both CNVC certified trainers.

Liv is a long term member of "Northwest Compassionate Communication," She provides community, family, and court ordered mediations. Since 1999 she has been teaching NVC to school staff and students of all ages, organizations and businesses, families and the general public.  She lives in a cohousing community in Olympia, Washington.  

Fred Sly has provided NVC trainings to a broad diversity of individuals, couples, families, schools, and organizations during his 18-year relationship with Nonviolent Communication. He provides mediation as well as NVC trainings throughout the greater Portland/Vancouver area. Since 2002 he has been offering NVC in prisons. He founded the Oregon Prison Project, which offers trainings in six Oregon Prisons (including Oregon State Penitentiary) and one post-release program. Fred completed a doctorate in Psychology, with a focus on the power of empathy in reducing violence in our lives.

Who is it for

This workshop is for Beginning to Advanced Nonviolent Communication practitioners.
Please read "Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life" by Marshall Rosenberg and/or attend a workshop introducing Nonviolent Communication. For more information and other possibilities contact Fred or Liv. You can reach Fred at or 503-953-0333. You can reach Liv at or 360-357-4503. Liv is offering free introductory trainings in Olympia on 2/4/19, 3/21/19, and 5/21/19.

Registration Investment

Workshop Tuition: $350 ($320 if paid by April 30). Room & Board costs vary for 4 nights, 12 meals and use of facilities: $326 with own tent, $382 in Breitenbush tent, $406 in lodge room, $514 in cabin, or $640 in cabin with bathroom. Call Liv to reserve.

What to Bring

Bring bedding including sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels (or reserve a bedding set. The cost is $18 for one person, $24 for two in one bed).
Writing materials.
Swimming suits are not required in the natural hot pools.

Registration, payment and deposit info.

DEPOSIT and PAYMENT: A deposit of the full Room and Board amount plus $50 will hold your place. The remainder is due upon arrival 06/05/2019.

To register call Liv to choose accommodations, 360-357-4503.
Then click on the Register link below or go directly to, scroll to June 5, 2019, click on this workshop and complete the registration form.



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