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Training Details

Thriving Through Conflict




Conflict Resolution


In Person




Duchscherer, Duke

Date and Time

Mon, Jun 10, 2019 to Fri, Jun 14, 2019 — 11:00 to 15:00 — Central European Time (UTC+1)


Zagroda Ojrzanów

Ojrzanów, Nowiny 2 96-321
Żabia Wola


In this five-day event you will learn some of the key skills and processes from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Restorative Circles (RC) that are essential for building resilient relationships and reconciling communities. NVC & RC offer practical skills and processes to reconcile and to build peace at all levels of society (individual, organizational, communal, and systemic). These skills and processes have been utilized around the world in a variety of cultures and settings where they have proven to be very effective in numerous situations; they are simple, practical, yet often quite powerful.
- Develop the personal skills and consciousness to stay grounded and focused within yourself even when uncertainty or your own strong emotions limit your ability to work powerfully and collaboratively
- Develop practical skills to navigate the turbulence of human communication and create resilient sustainable relationships.
- Practice transforming the stories and enemy images of the ‘other’ and experience the emotional pain, frustration, even hatred, melting away into acceptance, appreciation and compassion.
- Facilitate processes that empower communities to take ownership of systemic approaches for conflict transformation
- Learn how to build a container for dialogue that can sustain all the pain and intense emotions that arise from experiencing conflict
- Explore the four components of reconciliation and practice the skills and processes that put these components into effective action

Who is it for

Do you long to collaborate in more powerful, synergistic ways?
Do conflicts and power differences interfere with your ability to collaborate?
Do you struggle to understand your colleagues or your partners when they are thinking and acting differently from you?
Are you seeking a way to incorporate a culture of peace and shared responsibility?
Do you want to learn practical and immediately usable skills and processes where reconciliation moves from the possible to the inevitable?

This training is especially interesting
if you are leading, acting in or with groups, teams and organisations
if you are working in peacebuilding and reconciliation, be it in the field or at the organisational level.


  • What are the objectives?
  • To demonstrate that attitudes can be shifted from hostile into friendly one through connection and mutual understanding.
  • To experience conflict as an opportunity to strengthen teams and communities.
  • To present a wide range of practical skills in conflict transformation and reconciliation.
  • To demonstrate how to navigate the complexities and challenges of building human relationships in a conflict.
  • To create a learning environment to practice all above and apply it in daily life during workshop and afterwards.

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