Training Details

NVC Training Programme, Level Two




General NVC


In Person




Shantigarbha, .
Schrader, Gesine

Date and Time

Sun, Jan 6, 2019 to Sat, Jan 12, 2019



Sanand-Bhavla Highway,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Training aims:
* Review and practice the basic ingredients of NVC.
* Share the ups and downs of applying NVC in your life.
* Extend skills and understanding with the NVC Dance Floors.
* Discover the healing power of presence.
* Connect empathically with yourself and others.

Learning Objectives:
* Be able to list the purpose and specific learnable skills of Nonviolent Communication.
* Be able to list the Four Ingredients of Observation, Feeling, Need and Request.
* Be able to use the Four Ingredients in (i) expressing yourself to others, (ii) listening to others and (iii) listening compassionately to yourself.
* Be able to experientially describe the connection between self-empathy and empathy.
* Be able to self-empathize in challenging situations.
* Be able to hear the needs behind challenging messages.

Who is it for

As this is an OWL2 retreat, we ask that you have already completed an OWL1 or equivalent multi-day residential NVC event.

Registration, payment and deposit info.

This programme is offered on a sliding scale, for this event, we have estimated that the cost per person for running this programme is between Rs. 22,000 and Rs 34,000. We invite you to check with yourself what works best for you financially.

Suggested contribution guidelines:
* If you are doing well enough to comfortably contribute, you may choose to contribute for your own costs and towards costs for another participant.
* If you are moderately well off or comfortable, you may choose to cover your own costs.
* If you are struggling with finances, please do not let money be a deciding factor for your attendance, and contribute what you can towards your participation costs.


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