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A Journey into Leadership






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Seed, Tracy

Date and Time

Fri, Jan 18, 2019 to Mon, Jan 21, 2019 — 09:00 to 16:00 — London (GMT)


Rose House Montessori

St George
Vancouver Road
London, Lewisham SE23 2AG
United Kingdom


Develop your personal presence, flexibility in your leadership style and your communication with customers and colleagues. Gain confidence in understanding and working with the dynamics of the team, resolving conflicts, coaching mentoring and giving feedback.

A Journey into Leadership is a transformational leadership programme. Over the past 25 years, I have worked with thousands of people in leadership and management roles, helping them to develop the skills and competencies to step into leadership with authenticity, curiosity and confidence. To foster cooperation and collaborative working practices between team members. I can help you do this too.

We work with the 4 components – observation, feelings, needs, requests and 2 parts: expressing ourselves honestly and receiving others empathically. You will also be introduced to many of the NVC key distinctions, principles, mindset and practices. The programme is experiential and educational.

Over 4 days of attendance you will have the opportunity to:

Clarify your vision, mission and values
Understand leadership styles.
Be mindful and proactive.
Uncover the dynamics of your team.
Learn and practice the foundations of NVC
Create a culture of empathy, coaching, mentoring and conflict resolution in your organisation.

You can choose to attend the whole programme over a period of 4 days, one day per week or attend the day’s that cover the topics you are most interested in.

18 January – Mindful Leadership

15 January – Team Work

1 February – Empathy, Coaching and Mentoring

8 February – Mindful Communication through conflict

The intention of this course is to support you in the embodiment of your leadership capabilities; to deepen your reflective practice and awareness of conscious intention.

How much does it cost?

To attend 4 days £375

Single day attendance £97.00

Here are some comments from recent participants: “This course is amazing it has benefitted me not only at work but in all aspects of my life.” Luci, London, UK

“I will overhaul our approach to performance management and look to mediate with confidence rather than discipline. I will regularly coach my managers to empower them to solve their own problems” Derek, London, UK

“I learnt that it’s ok to have a jackal, but that I want to connect more with my giraffe!” This course was brilliant it really helped me to step forward as a leader, gave me new skills and understandings about connecting with myself and with others in a positive and compassionate way. “ Sarah, London UK

“Tracy really bought to life the real-life application of NVC to be more a more effective leader” – Mark, UK

Who is it for

It is for anyone working in a management role in an organisation or as part of a project team. It’s for those interested in applying the core principles of NVC the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg, to all aspects of their working life.

Registration Investment

Attendance of 4 days £375.00
Mindful leadership £97.00
Teamwork £97.00
Empathy, coaching and mentoring £97.00
Mindful communication through conflict £97.00

Registration, payment and deposit info.

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A Journey into Leadership

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