St. Paul 1st and 3rd Wednesday Evenings NVC Practice Group

Reid Grano and Pam Winthrop Lauer have co-led this practice group since 2010 (possibly earlier!). We use exercises, games, and role plays to increase our ability to hear with empathetic "giraffe" ears, make clear observations and present moment requests, and to quickly identify feelings and needs to connect with the hearts of people in various situations. Usually we view and discuss videos, especially of trainings with Marshall Rosenberg, including the one of the IIT he led in 2006. We almost always laugh - this is a playful group with lots of learning and some great discussion as well. Anyone is welcome to join us to practice and discuss NVC. There is no charge to attend. Feel free to contact Pam or Reid with questions. Right now we are meeting in temporary spaces in St. Paul - please contact Pam or Reid for the current address. Will post here when we find permanent space. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, Reid & Pam

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