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Speaking the Language of the Heart

Award winning Biological Engineer, Peacemaker, and Conflict Transformation Specialist, Al W. Tinholt P. Eng., presents these workshops on the "How to's" for "Speaking the Language of the Heart!" Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Fri May 25, 7-9:30 pm Sat May 26, 9am– 5pm Calgary, Alberta, Canada Fri June 8, 7-9:30 pm Sat June 9, 9am– 5pm Canmore, Alberta, Canada Fri June 22, 7-9:30 pm Sat June 23, 9am– 5pm Personal sessions or custom workshops availavle. Email: altinholt [at] gmail [dot] com Phone: (403) 609 7229 Do you ever find your self reacting in ways that you really don't want or not reacting in ways that you really do want to? Do you at times have an inner struggle that drains a lot of your energy? Are you emotionally tired and longing for rest? Or maybe, it is the other way around. Someone you care about is acting out in the pain that they are experiencing and you are at a loss of how to support them in that moment. Stuck somewhere in between feeding the fire and being indifferent or detached? This course is focused on practical and transferrable language tools that can support you in your journey: • Align your words with your intention • Become grounded/centred even in the heat of the moment. • See through judgments, blames, or justifications whether our own or someone else's. • Get clarity on your own deepest carings and heart desires and experience the joy of you really knowing you. • Diffuse the pain on pain of resentment, guilt, shame and despair and being overwhelmed. • Speak honestly and authentically owning what is yours but not owning what is not yours. • Be seen and heard and validated in a way that will fire up you and your partners compassion and creativity. • Experience what it means to give and receive empathy - To be heard and seen and fully accepted on the Heart level. • Give and receive gratitude with both ease and grace.


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