CNVC Certification Process Outline

This document is an overview of the Certification Preparation Packet (CPP).
For details about any of the bulleted points, please refer back to the CPP.

Please Note: The following procedures to prepare for certification are described as a one-to-one relationship between candidate and assessor. They do not take into account flexible arrangements of candidates and assessors working in groups. The information can still be used as a guide for a flexible range of assessment procedures, leading to a consistent outcome of highly skilled CNVC Certified Trainers who can demonstrate that they know NVC, teach NVC, and are "living" NVC. 

  • Registration
    • Pre-Application
      • Read Certification Preparation Packet (CPP)
      • Contact an assessor
        • Discuss possible working relationship and registration requirements
          • Mutual decision to apply to register and work together
          • If no mutual decision
            • Registration placed on CNVC “hold” list for future review
            • May initiate appeals process
    • Application to Register
      • Potential candidate sends application to assessor
        • Contact Info
        • Training Log
          • Minimum 10 days of training with CNVC Certified Trainer(s)
        • Statement of purpose
        • Recommendation from at least one CNVC Certified Trainer
        • Read & agreed to: Non-Certified Trainers guidelines, CPP, and current CNVC Trainer Agreement
        • Registration Fee
  • Mutual decision to complete registration
      • If no mutual decision
        • Registration placed on CNVC “hold” list for future review
        • May initiate appeals process
    • Registration Completed
      • Assessor notifies certification [at] cnvc [dot] org
      • CNVC sends instructions to candidate to fill out online registration form
      • Candidate fills out registration information on online form
      • CNVC office sends orientation welcome packet
  • Preparation for Assessment- 3-5 years
    • NVC training and preparation
      • Minimum of an additional 40 days NVC training, including one International Intensive Training (IIT)
      • Teaching NVC at least one year
      • Preparation and readiness (refer to CPP)
      • Assessor observes candidate offer trainings live or through video
      • Assessor asks candidate if they have any “unfinished business” with CNVC or NVC community to work through
      • Assessor solicits feedback from Educational Services team and CNVC trainers in community
    • Mutual Decision for pre-assessment
    • If no Mutual Decision
      • May initiate appeals process
  • Pre-Assessment
    • Send assessor pre-assessment portfolio and pre-assessment fee
    • Agree to current CNVC Trainers Agreement
    • Jointly review portfolio
    • If mutual decision- schedule assessment
    • If no mutual decision- can re-apply after a minimum six months with suggested work on specific areas 
      • May initiate appeals process
  • Assessment
    • Candidate sends assessment fee to assessor
    • Assessment process
    • Mutual decision for successful assessment
      • Assessor sends successful assessment announcement to:
        • Ed Srvcs Yahoo!Group and
        • certification [at] cnvc [dot] org
    • If no mutual decision- can re-apply after a minimum six months with suggested work on specific areas
      • May initiate appeals process
  • Certification
  • CNVC sends candidate “Final Steps for Certification” letter
    • Candidate sends signed Trainer Agreement and certification fee to CNVC
    • Candidate fills out  certification information in online database
      • Name and Contact Information
      • Your participation in the CNVC network and connection to an NVC community or NVC circles
    • Candidate sends personal biography to be included in certification announcement
      • How are you teaching the spiritual basis of NVC in your trainings?
      • Describe your social change goals and explain how you see your social change work in harmony with the vision, mission, and aims of CNVC
      • History of your NVC training, both given and received
      • What are you doing now with NVC
  • CNVC updates records, website roles/groups, adds to trainers Yahoo!Group
  • CNVC sends Certified Trainer  “Orientation Packet” to candidate
  • CNVC announces certification to Trainers Yahoo!Group, including biography
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