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ProjectsCNVC Projects are organised into two catagories - thematic projects, covering specific areas of NVC application, and geographical projects, which refer to efforts focused on specific regions or linguistic groups. 

Following is a list of thematic projects which apply Nonviolent Communication to specific contexts and challenges:

Freedom Project
Nonviolent Communication in Schools
NVC Research
Restorative Justice Project

Freedom Project - bringing NVC into the lives of prisoners and returnees

Nonviolent Communication in Schools - looking at ways in which NVC can support and transform education

NVC Research - understanding and documenting how NVC works and the difference it brings to our lives

Restorative Justice Project - developing the application of NVC in our community responses to crime and conflict

The Center for Nonviolent Communication also supports teams who offer Nonviolent Communication training in specific areas around the world. Over time these regional projects tend to grow into thriving local communities.

"Whether we are working with a business or a country in great turmoil, the process is similar..... first we identify who in a country or organization is open to our work, and expose them to its potential. Then we train them in the process itself. Finally, there is the hard work of actual mediation and conflict resolution." --Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg 

Africa Project - bringing together NVC work in Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa and beyond, as well as with the African diaspora.

Eastern European Project - bringing together NVC work in Poland, Russia, Hungary, Bosnia, Muldova, and Georgia, among others countries.

Lusophone Project - bringing together NVC work in Lusophone—or Portuguese speaking—communities worldwide, including Brazil, Angola,Timor Leste, Portugal and beyond.

South Asia Project - bringing together NVC work in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

See a list of NVC training in other areas of the world.

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