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This is a post about an "almost-existing group" -- not a group that currently exists. Read on for more details. I was recently contacted by a community member interested in learning more about non-violent communication. He had hoped I was an NVC trainer and that I might have openings in a practice group... but I had to disappoint him. I'm not a trainer -- I'm not even trained, in fact. But his request reminded me that I joined this website because I do care deeply about non-violence. I also love the ideas that are represented through the work of the Center for Non-Violence Communication. So here's my idea! If you're local to Saint Louis, Missouri, why not get together with me and other interested persons? If nothing else, we could start a brainstorming session about how to engage with NVC ideas in the context of our regular jobs, neighborhoods, friendships and families. If our schedules match up, we could have a regular group meeting for NVC practice and for mutual support. Personally, I need two or three other folks walking alongside of me in order for me to turn ideas into action, and actions into lifestyle. If you're interested, please contact me and we'll see what momentum we can generate towards this goal. Thanks for reading! Bob


TBD Saint Louis, MO
United States
38° 37' 37.2108" N, 90° 11' 57.8544" W


Has this started?

I am in St Louis and interested!
Mary K Mazanec St Louis, MO mazanec1 [at] gmail [dot] com

St. Louis Almost Group

Bob, did you ever get a St. Louis group started? My husband and I might be interested. I look forward to hearing from you.

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