Payments through PayPal for an International Intensive Training (IIT)

To make a PayPal payment or deposit for an IIT, click on the IIT Payment button below the title of the IIT you are attending.

PLEASE NOTE: Making this payment does NOT register you for the IIT. If you have not already done so, be sure to register for an IIT in addition to making this payment.


Current IIT's

Life-Enriching Education Lab USA July 2016 (6 day retreat)

Mexico September 2016

India September 2016

Canada November 2016

Czech Republic November 2016

Mideast November 2016

Senegal November 2016

Denmark June 2017

Germany August 2017

Life-Enriching Education Lab USA July 2016 (6 day retreat) Polen 2017


Past IIT's

Netherlands March 2016

USA Wisconsin April 2016


Turkey June 2016


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