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This is a FREE Practice Group that focuses on all aspects of NVC. At these bimonthly meetings, facilitator Susan Reeves holds space for the practice of Empathy and the use of Feelings & Needs language. She encourages all who join to consciously remain in choice throughout the meeting. After more than 10 years of living NVC Susan has witnessed hundreds of instances where people "shift" from a place of stress and anxiety to feelings of relief and calm through the use of empathy. She believes that "Inner Peace is Possible". For Susan her ability to integrate NVC came about through her consistent practice of NVC in her personal life and regular attendance at practice groups over the years. She now sees the world through an NVC lens and can translate most human dialogues into the language of feelings and needs. Susan feels deeply grateful to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and NVC for providing her with the TOOLS to live a life filled with awareness, consciousness and choice. For more info visit www.PracticingPeace-NewPaltz.com


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