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I would like to start a group in the Pittsburgh area through Skype, whereby we can access the input of the other members as needed and have monthly "meetings" where we can discuss issues with which we need help specifically as well as a specific topic. It is very difficult with family and work obligations to take the time to meet outside of one's home. However, the internet affords us the ability to do this without leaving the comfort of our homes or disrupting our family life to do so. Please contact me if you too are interested in a support group that is available 24/7, in the comfort of your own home, to help as needed, and to pursue further topics on a monthly basis that would be of benefit to all concerned. My Skype name is Lhenchak. Please send me a message through Skype if you are interested in pursuing this, and I will set it up. Skype can be downloaded for free. Just Google Skype and download. Add me (Lhenchak) as a friend, and we will begin the connection one person at a time to allow for us all to connect and help each other on our path.


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