Compassionate Communication Empathy Support group

We welcome all interested to attend. WORDS ARE WINDOWS OR THEY ARE WALLS, THEY SENTENCE US OR SET US FREE. Ruth Bebermeyer Hamilton Non Violent Communication Practice Group ( based on our understanding of Non Violent Communication) Support/practice group is is peer to peer learning and practicing NVC - discussions on how things went when we were using NVC in real life, discussions of real life situations and conversations to think through on how we could said things in a different way. We are looking for individuals that are already interested in NVC and have some knowledge and/or are willing to educate themselves with books, audio programs, online courses and live workshops/courses. Aukje is a trainer in the certification process. We will be advertising local workshops and courses in this group as well by Aukje and other trainers. Kinga is an enthusiastic student who wants to learn as much as possible and eventually become a certified trainer. She has a lot of plans for social change work and NVC changed her life. She is interested in NVC parenting and NVC education for children specifically. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP:


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