NVC Empathy and Skills Practice Group

Structured group facilitated by Mair Alight, Empathy Specialist and CNVC Certified Trainer. Structure modifies thorugh emergent wisdom impetus of the participants. Structure from which we choose to deviate: 2 Minutes Silence to self connect and group attunement 1st Round of Circle we each share our current feelings and needs 2nd Round of Circle we each share what we want others to know is going on for us in the present time if we don't want focused attention during our time together OR we state that we want focused attention. When each person has shared, or chosen to pass, the time is divided among those who want attention. Those who want attention decide the order of that attention time. Each person lets all of us know how they want their time to be used; role play, feelings and needs questions, reflection, discussion, skill building exercise, etc.... Each person also lets us know how they would like the timer to alert them about the passing of their time (2 min warning when their time is almost completed for example) Some time at the end for go-around circle for 'take-aways/learnings/celebrations/mournings'...


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