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The Peace Alliance of Greater Kalamazoo has organized and supported a Nonviolent Communications (NVC) practice group since 2009. This is an intermediate level NVC group that is open to the community. Currently, we are studying "Making Life Wonderful." We are not meeting in the summer months. Later in the fall we will continue our study with the NVC Dance Floors videos and cards. We encourage group members to take turns leading a practice session as we do not have a certified NVC trainer. Those who are new to NVC are asked to purchase and read one of the two basic NVC books by Marshall Rosenberg listed below or to attend an NVC workshop before joining the Wednesday morning practice group. Contact us to learn more. We use the following resources to guide our study: Nonviolent Communications: A Language of Life and the companion workbook (books); Living Nonviolent Communication: Practical Tools to Connect and Communicate Skillfully in Every Situation (book); YouTube videos; Making Life Wonderful (DVDs); GROK-IT - NVC Facilitation Manual; and NVC Dance Floors (cards and DVDs). Also, some have enhanced their training by attending NVC workshops with Jeff Brown, certified NVC trainer from Ohio. We desire to encourage and broaden the use of compassionate communications in our community. Thus, we are interested in assisting with the start up of other NVC practice groups in the area especially beginner, drop-in, and evening or weekend practice groups. In addition, we have conducted interactive NVC presentations with other organizations in the area.


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