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With the help of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) we’re going to learn to come closer to ourselves, listening carefully to what we’re thinking, feeling and needing. First we connect with the first layer, the way we’ve been educated to think: what’s right and wrong with the others/with ourselves, what we think we deserve, how we should behave in society, in family… This is where most of the violence on our planet comes from: a way of thinking made to obey authority – a language that tries to change other people using punishments, blame, guilt, shame or rewards. When caught up with becoming either the winner or the loser, it’s very challenging to experience compassion and feel happy. Connecting with this way of thinking is essential to get deeper into a more intimate space: the need space. There we find something more authentic, what’s important and so precious to us, for example freedom, finding our place in this world, experiencing soft connection with people around us, working willingly in a way we enjoy… just to name ay a few universal needs. From that place, using NVC skills, we can find very concrete ways to meet our needs, fulfilling our life with what make us the most happy and alive. This is a very personal quest, and for me the most important thing of my life. This course is designed to help you in finding yours. Wanna join? Please find the dates on my website : Non Violent Communication Practice Group Hamburg


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