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Netherlands March 2016

Center for Nonviolent Communicationsm
Presents a
USA - Albuquerque, NM July 24- 29, 2016

Applied NVC LabThe Center for Nonviolent Communication is overjoyed to present a new offering in the CNVC training line up. To further Dr. Marshall B Rosenberg's commitment to education, CNVC presents The Life Enriching Education LAB, based on this vision:

We envision learning communities where youth and adults are:

  • grounded in self-knowledge and self-responsibility
  • living with compassion and care for others and themselves
  • utilizing skills for collaboration and cooperative problem solving
  • skillful in engaging differences and conflict in ways that lead to increased trust and understanding
  • empowered with the consciousness and leadership skills to contribute to a peaceful, just, and sustainable world

You're Invited:
This Applied NVC Lab is designed for explorers and pioneers in life-enriching education—school teachers, administrators, counselors, educators in youth programs, Nonviolent Communication trainers (certified trainers and certification candidates) —who share the intent and desire to explore and apply our vision.

As a participant, you will join a dynamic team of experienced CNVC Certified trainers and educators dedicated to cultivating the field of life-enriching education. We will share best practices, and through a powerful visioning process, we will help you create or clarify your vision and plan of action for your own life-enriching education project.

The Life-Enriching Education Lab is uniquely designed to offer educators both a structured and an open learning environment. Come immerse yourself for six days in co-creating our life-enriching learning community.

The Curriculum:
Our LAB will focus on the key features of life-enriching learning communities , described in Marshall Rosenberg's book Life-Enriching Education. (Participants are encouraged to read this book prior to the Lab.) :

  • Students, teachers and parents co-create safe, respectful learning environments.
  • Students, teachers and parents work together to meet everyone's learning needs.
  • Students know their passions and are motivated by their eagerness to learn rather than by fear of punishment or promise of reward.
  • Students, teachers, and parents practice a process language, such as Nonviolent Communication, to help people effectively address their own needs while also caring for the needs of others and the community as a whole.

The Training Team

Sura HartTrainer: Sura Hart
I hold a vision for life-enriching learning communities—where people of all ages learn together how to co-create a peaceful, sustainable world that works for everyone. This vision was ignited when my first child was born 42 years ago. I learned from her how intent, how wired, we humans are to learn and to love. I saw that we adults need only join young people in this world and continue growing and learning together.
Since that time, I have been exploring and experimenting with systems and processes that support natural giving, cooperation, collaboration, effective conflict navigation and vibrant co-learning. I explore and learn with students, teachers, and parents in school communities around the world—including throughout the U.S., in Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, India, China. My understanding of life-enriching education, as Marshall Rosenberg envisioned it, is an ongoing journey. I'm grateful for all my teachers, including my beloved colleagues and educators who join me every summer at Teach for Life! NVC Educators Institute that I co-founded in 2001 and continue to co-facilitate.

As a next step on this journey of discovery, I'm excited to help launch CNVC's first Life-Enriching Education Laboratory.

Along with my consulting and facilitating work, I co-create, with Victoria Kindle Hodson,  materials to support life-enriching education in schools and homes. We have co-written three books: The Compassionate Classroom; The No-Fault Classroom;Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids. We have also created communication game for all ages, The No-Fault Zone® Game.

For more about my work, go to: and


Jean MorrisonTrainer: Jean Morrison 
Having been with the originating Teach for Life Team since '06 training educators and applications of NVC, I'm grateful to be part of CNVC's first International Life Enriching Education Lab. I thoroughly enjoy working with adults who make a difference in the lives of youth.

As an NVC trainer since '89, I've worked with parents and schools (Montessori, Waldorf, Public, Religious, Homeschool, Preschool co-ops) who want to optimize the learning environment for teachers, staff, and students.  My own educational background is in Elementary Ed, Speech Pathology, and Psychology. 

I'm a founder of NVC Santa Cruz, Ca; and the co-creator of products to support learning and teaching NVC, including GROK, Kids GROK, and Communication FUNdamentals.

This LEE-Lab is an exciting and stimulating setting for me to engage with motivated and committed educators who are eager to bring NVC back to their own schools, classrooms, and youth programs.  This is how I can participate wholeheartedly in the ripple effect of providing a better world for our children and youth and the adults who learn and live with them.

Jean's website:


Jared FinkelsteinTrainer: Jared Finkelstein
The work I do as a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication stems from my belief that in a connected world it is all about the quality of our connection.  I'm passionate about this because of my experience of growing up attending a small, K-12 private school where both my parents were educators and that placed a great emphasis on child-centered learning and community values.  My childhood, family, community and school were all mixed up into one life-enriching journey.

Marshall Rosenberg's vision of Life-Serving Systems – organizations and communities that weave the practice of Nonviolent Communication into the very fabric of their institutions for the purpose of creating peace and sustainability is a huge inspiration of mine.  As a team member of the NVC Educators Institute's flagship training 'Teach for Life!' and as an active contributor to NVC Family Camps - all age, 24/7 immersions into compassionate community and collaborative learning -  I put my passion into manifesting these sort of communities.

In 2012 I developed and led the "Tools for the 21st Century Educator: Nonviolent Communication in Schools" year-long program for BayNVC in Oakland, California.  

It's a dream come true to be a part of founding this Life-Enriching Education Laboratory and to continue to collaborate with Sura, Jean and Anniken, as well as with educators from around the world exploring the systems and behaviors that nourish compassionate understanding.
My website is


Anniken Poulsson BeerTrainer: Anniken Poulsson Beer
Anniken Poulsson Beer has worked in the field of education since the mid 80's. Her passion is healthy self-esteem in children, and since learning NVC in 2006, it has been her main tool in this endeavor.

She has been sharing NVC intensively in kindergartens, preschools, schools, and in trainings with teachers and parents. Anniken has lots of hands on experience teaching NVC to both children (1-6 years old) and their teachers. 

Anniken certified with The Center for Nonviolent Communication in 2012, and is so far the only certified trainer in Norway.  The Scandinavian kindergartens are known for their democratic and value-based teaching and NVC goes very well with this.



Venue: Madonna Retreat & Conference Center rests atop the West Mesa and has a panoramic view of the Sandia Mountains, the Rio Grande River, and the City of Albuquerque. One can see spectacular Southwestern sunrises and sunsets. The Center is located eight miles from downtown.

Travel: The nearest airport is Albuquerque Sunport International Airport, about 14 miles. The Madonna Retreat is near highways I-25 and I-40.

Participants are asked to wait until their registration in the IIT has been confirmed before booking travel reservations.

Fee: Total Lab Fees consists of a tuition fee of $1250 plus accommodation fee - as outlined in the tables below.


Tuition Fee:




4 Month Early Bird Discount

15% if paid in full by 3/23/16 ($)1060

2 Month Early Bird Discount

10% if paid in full by 4/23/16 ($)1125

Registered Certification Candidates

15% at any time ($)1060.00

Previous IIT Participants

15% at any time ($)1060.00

Previous T4L! Participants

15% at any time ($)1060.00

2 people from same organization/district

20% discount p/p ($ ea)1000

3 people from same organization/district

30% discount p/p ($ ea.) 875

4 people from same organization/district

40% discount p/p ($ ea.) 750

5 people from same organization/district

50% discount p/p ($ ea.) 625

Discounts apply to tuition only and cannot be combined.


Accommodation Type

Accommodation Fee
Per Person

Single room, shared community bath


Double room, shared community bath


Commuter, including food


Vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices are available at each meal and are included in the accommodation fees.

Total LEE Lab Fees consists of a tuition fee of $1250 plus accommodation fee - as outlined in the table above - both payable to CNVC.

How to register:

  1. Click here to fill out the online Lab Application Form, please follow the instructions in the form to make payment:
  2. Applications sent before June 23, 2016 need to include full or partial payment, with a minimum of $100. The balance is due on June 23, 2016 . For applications sent on or after June 23, 2016, please include full tuition fees.
  3. CNVC usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you did not receive an acknowledgment within this time
  4. If you would prefer a written application contact the IIT department and we will mail you one.

For questions please contact the LAB Department at 505-244-4041 or send an email to lab [at] cnvc [dot] org

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Netherlands March 2016
Sun, 2016-03-06 12:00 - Tue, 2016-03-15 16:00


Castle Farm De Berckt
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Baarlo 5991 PD
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Marianne Göthlin
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