Mideast November 2014 IIT

CNVC is sponsoring participants who cannot afford to attend, and we are inviting your partnership in contributing to peace in the Mideast through training in Nonviolent Communication.

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Center For Nonviolent Communicationsm
Presents an
Beit Jala, Palestine (Area C, accessible and legal for Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals)
  November 13—22, 2014

Program:This International Intensive Training (IIT) is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication “immersion experience.” It is a residential workshop led by a team of experienced CNVC certified trainers. The purpose of this IIT training is to offer people the opportunity to live the process of Nonviolent Communication in community over an extended period of time, in order to develop Nonviolent Communication knowledge, skills and consciousness. Seminar languages: English with translation to Arabic and Hebrew.

Klaus KarstaedtLead Trainer: Klaus Karstädt
Klaus Karstädt is a freelance trainer since 1988 in adult education, and even before his encounter with Nonviolent Communication in 1996, he led train the trainer courses and seminars on communication and conflict management in organizations. Since 2000 he has worked together with Marshall Rosenberg as a certified trainer in 10 CNVC International Intensive Trainings and three years as a board member of CNVC.

In addition to the spread of Nonviolent Communication in companies, schools, hospitals and other social institutions, his passion is in the area of training trainers and coaches. People like his clarity and his ability to combine structure and heart. www.k-training.de.

Support Trainer: Arnina Kashtan, founder of Meitarim, the Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Israel, fell in love with NVC in 1991, when she first met Marshall in Israel. She has been teaching NVC since 1992 in Israel, the USA and Europe, offering mediation, meeting facilitation and private coaching and trainings, and in 2004 founded the NVC Conscious Leadership bi-annual training for trainers in Israel.

Meitarim delivers workshops and training to individuals and groups, couples and parents, teachers and psychologists, as well as social, governmental and business organizations, with the vision of reaching at least 100,000 people in Israel in order to create the critical mass for a deep social change. Arnina sees the IIT as a great opportunity to enhance the awareness of NVC in Israel, and is thrilled to be on the IIT team.

The author of the first comprehensive NVC workbook in Hebrew, and a published poet and writer, Arnina also specializes in developing practical materials and workshops in areas such as NVC coaching, anger, fear, guilt and shame, working with limiting patterns and beliefs, and parent-child relationships. A senior facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Arnina has also developed a special path of deepening the encounter with needs through weaving NVC and The Work, which has become her own approach, The Heart Compass. You can "meet" her in her TEDx talk, "Speaking the Unspoken Conversation", where she shares parts of her life story and healing process.

Arnina's passion and special gifts are in enhancing breakthroughs in consciousness, which are assisted by her unique approach — a profound, laser-like exploration into our innermost core, supported by a rare sense of humor and embedded in deep, embracing empathy. meitarim.co.il


Support Trainer: Hagit Lifshitz: About 20 years ago, as a Police Officer in Jerusalem, Israel, Hagit met with Marshall Rosenberg's teaching, felt fascinated by NVC and became the director of his yearlong intensive project with Police staff.

Since 1996, as the initiator of Mifgash (encounter) for Conflict Transformation (NGO) and as a professional mediator, consultant, trainer and group facilitator, Hagit works with individuals, couples, families, battered women, schools, companies, organizations and communities for social change and for peace building - to transform conflicts to OPPORTUNITIES.

One of her major efforts is to introduce NVC dialogue and Restorative Circles to Israelis and Palestinians in our region, and to other conflicting groups, such as secular and religious and left and right wing communities.

She is an organizational and educational consultant, and works as a life coach, mediator and conflict transformation facilitator. She is also the editor and host of the radio show: “On Wolves and Giraffes – Peace Is Not Only Politics” at All-For-Peace Palestinian-Israeli Radio. She practices meditation and is active with groups to .promote inner peace and peace in the world. www.mifgash.org.il


Support Trainer: Roberta Wall, I am thrilled to be part of the trainer team for this first IIT in the Mideast, building on years of NVC retreats and trainings here for Israelis and Palestinians that I have been part of. I would like this IIT to offer mastery of NVC skills, experience of NVC consciousness and community, deep healing of pain and separation within each of us and between us AND exploration of new territory in applying NVC to transformation of domination systems.

Because of the complexity of life, history and conflict in the Mideast, NVC trainings here take on an immediacy of linking individual transformation with transformation of the domination structures that block humanity from breaking through violence, separation and suffering.

In this IIT, let us walk together through the door of NVC to touch how our individual pain and healing mirrors and merges with the pain and healing of the world. www.steps2peace.com


Robert KrzisnikSupport Trainer: Robert Krzisnik, Robert Krzisnik, MSc. Psych., has been working for 26 years (which of course cannot be true because that would mean he is already old) with individuals and groups as psychotherapist, trainer, team coach, complex meeting facilitator and conflict mediator in a wide spectrum of environments: from corporate to educational to personal and spiritual retreats. While all his work is infused with the spirit and the approach of Nonviolent Communication, he is also a dedicated practitioner of Art of Hosting practices, and an explorer of intercultural communication. In Nonviolent Communication he is most passionate about its spiritual aspects, as well as its use in conflict mediation (between individuals, within groups and between groups).

Since his early teenage years, Robert has been eagerly exploring the spiritual realms of Self and the Whole, as well as existential questions of life, through numerous inward journeys and travels around this wonderful world. He is also an eager practitioner (in beginning stages) of Contact Improvisation

He lives in Slovenia, a small country in Europe, which used to be a part of a country that does not exist anymore, but still resides in his heart - Yugoslavia. His website: www.humus.si/en




The Educational Centre of Talitha Kumi is located in Beit Jala on the highest elevation in the area of Bethlehem. Our ten-hectare large property covered with woods provides for excellent recreational opportunities. 

Relax and enjoy the ambiance of our guest house – be it in our cozy, light-filled dining hall, in the cool shade of a tree in our leafy patio, or on one of our balconies. We do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible and are more than happy to spoil you with refreshments and our home-made Arabic and international cuisine. 

Talitha Kumi Guest House
P. O. Box 7,
Beit Jala, Palestine
Tel.: +972 2 2741 247 (direct line: 220)
Fax: +972 2 2741 847
Email: info [at] talithakumi [dot] org


How to reach Talitha Kumi may differ according to the current political situation. Please contact us by phone or email beforehand, if you are unsure about how to reach us. At the moment, there are the following possibilities:

  • By taxi from Jerusalem (there are plenty of taxis available just outside the old town). The driver should at best be Palestinian but also Jewish drivers can take you here. Via the tunnel street (Street 60), you can go directly to the entrance of our complex. If you rent a car, you can reach Talitha Kumi the same way.
  • By Bus no 21. Take bus no. 21 in front of the Damascus Gate. Tell the driver to stop at Talitha Kumi.
  • By bus no. 124. Take bus no. 124 in front of the Damascus Gate. From the Bethlehem Checkpoint at Rahel's grave, take an Arabic taxi to Talitha Kumi.
  • We have observed that cars with tourists returning from Talitha Kumi to Jerusalem are increasingly led via the Bethlehem Checkpoint near Rahel's tomb. Please plan for extra waiting time.

Participants are asked to wait until the CNVC office has confirmed their registration in the IIT before booking travel reservations.

Fee: Total IIT Fees consist of a tuition fee and accommodation fee. We are applying parity adjustment for this IIT, meaning that our regular tuition ($2340) plus accommodation ($500) is expected from "Internationals," while a price more comparable to local conditions is expected from participants native to the countries of the Mideast. mideast [dot] iit [dot] organizers [at] gmail [dot] com (Please click here to inquire with the organizer team) for local prices.

Tuition paid at regular price will go toward financially supporting those needing scholarships.

Early Bird Discount: Receive 15% off tuition on payments received in full by 6/13/2014 (5 months prior to start of IIT), or receive 10% off tuition on payments received in full by August 13, 2014 (3 months prior to start of IIT).

Other discounts: If you are a registered certification candidate with CNVC or have attended a CNVC IIT before, we offer you 15% discount off tuition (not to be combined with other offers).

Scholarships: Please inquire with the organizer team mideast [dot] iit [dot] organizers [at] gmail [dot] com (here) for scholarship opportunities.

How to register:

  1. Click here to fill out the online IIT Application Form,
  2. Please do not make any payments until your spot has been confirmed by the IIT Department.
  3. Once your spot has been confirmed, please pay a minimum of $100 to keep your spot. The remaining payment for tuition and accommodation is due on 13 October 2014. Please see fees section above for information about discounts.
  4. CNVC usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you did not receive an acknowledgment within this time
  5. If you would prefer a written application contact the IIT department and we will mail you one.

For questions please contact the IIT Department at 505-244-4041 or e-mail IIT

Thu, 2014-11-13 18:15 - Sat, 2014-11-22 18:00
Lead Trainer: 
Klaus Karstaedt
Hagit Lifshitz
Arnina Kashtan
Roberta Wall
Robert Krzisnik
CNVC IIT Administrator: 
Elin Searfoss

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