Nonviolent Communication for Respectful Classrooms and Schools

Sat, 2018-05-26 - Sun, 2018-05-27

The opportunities for integrating the principles and practices inspired by the study of Nonviolent Communication into a school culture are unlimited. Schools that weave NVC into their pedagogy rigorously explore the question “How do we want to live and learn together” and they practice values different from those to which students and teachers are traditionally accustomed to in educational settings: appreciative inquiry over critical analysis, emotional intelligence more than cognitive intelligence, connected knowing over separate knowing, listening over speaking, collaboration over competition, interdependence over independence, inclusion over exclusion. 

Four specific areas of school life will be the focus of this training. Participants will learn strategies for integrating NVC principles and values into specific contexts of educational settings.

  • Making classroom agreements
  • Responding effectively to “Bullying”
  • Creating partnership between Parent, Teacher and Child.
  • How to talk about the integration of technology into our lives.

This training will support educators to:

  • Make classrooms places where children and teachers thrive.
  • Facilitate so that safety, trust, and respect flourish in our school communities.
  • Reestablish trust when it’s been broken, to navigate conflict for the growth of all.
  • Make schools training grounds for essential 21st century interpersonal skills.
CNVC Certified Trainer(s): 
Jared Finkelstein
Contact Person: 
Druna Registrar
Phone Numbers: 
+420 725 449 409.
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