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These applications are not owned or created by CNVC.  We have looked at them and believe they might be supportive of some aspects of NVC  Principles.

Time For You app


Self-Help usually means, "Let me tell you why you are messed up" This is NOT that at all. Time For You uses an NVC (nonviolent communication) approach to help you find your Peace and Ease inside you – simply, quickly and truly.

Time For You uses an NVC (nonviolent communication) approach to help you find your peace and ease inside you—simply, quickly, and truly. Time For You is a simple, yet powerful tool for self-awareness, love and compassion. Every day we are faced with joys and challenges, our emotions can go from happy to sad, mad to glad in just seconds. Taking Time Out for Time In allows us to go from a reactive place to a responsive place in just minutes.

To learn more about Time For You you may watch three videos on this page: How it works, What is TFY based on and Dedication to Marshall Rosenberg.

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Non Violent Communication Help (English)

An easy way to bring with you a list of needs and feelings for use with the Nonviolent Communication process (NVC).

Explore combinations of needs and feelings, the program will assemble simple sentences for you using the selected needs and feelings.

Also includes a reminder for how to deal with anger using the Non Violent Communication process

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NVC Check In logoNVC Check-In (English, German, Dutch and French)

The NVC (TM) Check-In app helps you at the moments when you wish to connect with yourself or another. Using the model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), you gradually become aware of what you observe, what you feel, what you need and what you could do (or ask others to do) to take steps towards meeting your need.

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NVC Dialogue logoNVC Dialogue (English)

NVC DIALOGUE is the first App of the NVC Dance Floors, a set of interactive learning maps based on the Nonviolent Communication process (NVC). It brings THE 13 STEP DANCE to your interactive screen. This Dance is used worldwide, because it helps people transform their conversations.

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Peace Process LogoPeace Process (English)

Did you hear something that bothered you? It could have been in your work or personal life. Maybe you heard it from a friend, a relative, or a coworker. Maybe it was something you told yourself.

Get some peace of mind with Peace Process! Peace Process guides you through steps to get some perspective about what you heard.

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GfK LogoGfK 4   (Deutsch)

Mit diesem GfK-Spiel können die vier Unterscheidungsschritte der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation (GfK) von Marshall B. Rosenberg geübt werden, d.h . das Unterscheiden zwischen Beobachtung und Interpretation, Gefühl und Gedanke, Bedürfnis und Strategie und zwischen GfK-Bitte und Sonstigem.

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GFK Spiel LogoGFK-Spiel (Deutsch) 

Lernspiel für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation nach Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Mit diesem Programm können Sie in spielerischer Form Inhalte zum Thema Gewaltfreie Kommunikation lernen, üben und wiederholen.

Was bietet der Ansatz der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation? Damit können Sie lernen, andere Menschen klar und direkt anzusprechen, wenn Sie etwas stört, - allerdings ohne Vorwurf, Kritik und Angriff. Das erhöht die Bereitschaft anderer, sich kooperativ und konstruktiv zu verhalten.

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Soul Buddy LogoSoulBuddy EN  (Mindfulness and NVC)  English and Swedish 

Are you nervous about a school test tomorrow? Do you have trouble relaxing before going to sleep? Does it feel difficult to go to school sometimes? We built this app in order to help children and teenagers relax and to feel good about themselves.

You will find exercises for different purposes which will help you to deal with your feelings and understand why you are experiencing them. You can preview and download one of the exercises on www.soulbuddyapp.com The app consists of 13 different guided exercises and two audio tracks, waves and music to listen to on your smartphone. The exercises are created in the spirit of Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Är du nervös inför skolprovet i morgon? Har du svårt att slappna av innan du ska sova? Eller känns det jobbigt att gå till skolan ibland? Vi har byggt den här appen för att hjälpa barn och ungdomar att lättare kunna slappna av och må bra.

Här hittar du övningar som kan hjälpa dig att hantera de känslor du har och stödja dig i det som pågår just nu. Du kan provlyssna och ladda ner en av övningarna på www.soulbuddyapp.se  Appen består av 13 olika guidade övningar samt 2 ljudspår, vågar och musik, att lyssna på i din smartphone. Övningarna är skapade med inspiration hämtad från Mindfulness och Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

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iGrok LogoiGrok

Grok* is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg. It offers specific tools to better understand our self and connect with others. iGrok includes the full NVC model/process of “honesty and empathy” with emphasis on empathy—to be fully present with yourself and the other person in the moment. Empathy affects and influences the quality of connection, invites further dialogue, and prepares us for creative solutions.

Empathetic listening, using the NVC model, consists of listening for the person’s feelings and needs and what they are requesting to make their life more wonderful. This application includes a scrolling list of 128 feelings words and 118 needs words to support you in making an empathetic connection along with examples demonstrating how to structure sentences when offering empathy, sharing honesty, or practicing self-empathy.

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Looking forward to learning

Looking forward to learning to be a better listener and communicator.

new Android app

I noticed a new Android App called Pocket NVC. I like the color and graphics! It includes feelings & needs lists, but not feature for guidance on observations or requests. Nice random Marshall quote each time the app is opened.

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