IIT Payment - separate registration required

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PLEASE NOTE: Making this payment does NOT register you for the IIT.

Use this for only for follow up payments after you have registered.

  1. Please enter the amount of your current payment in the Amount field below, based on the information found on the IIT you wish to attend. Click for list of upcoming IITs

  2. Then click on the name of the IIT you wish to attend below.

You may make a full or partial payment at this time.

To reserve your place, make a $100 - nonrefundable registration fee and pay the remaining amount no later than 1 month prior to the IIT.

Note: If you are on wait list for an IIT that is currently full, please do not send funds until your enrollment is confirmed

Early Bird Discounts are available when full payment(s) are made 3 months prior to the IIT or earlier.

Regular Tuition is for payments made 1 month prior to the IIT or later.

If you are paying for someone else, please send an email to iit [at] cnvc [dot] org with instructions on how to allocate the funds.

Minimum: $0.10
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