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NVC* is a practical and a spiritual practice. Through our work, we can learn how to communicate compassionately with ourselves and with others through the utilization of the 4-step process. The 4-step model - learning it, practicing it - is a magical first step into the world of NVC consciousness and can serve to awaken ourselves to the needs and feelings in us and others. Yet, my experience is that once we have the model in hand and heart, there can be underlying issues or emotional/behavioral habits that prevent us from fully taking ownership of the model. To me, this is the fertile intersection of intention, nonviolence consciousness, and NVC* model. In this workshop, I want to explore this intersection, what I consider to be the background spiritual dimension and consciousness that make sticking to our NVC* practice possible. We'll explore the awareness and empowerment of our choicefulness and cultivate an ability to self-track that will serve us time and again as we head into our respective endeavors. As a way to serve these goals, I would enjoy exploring the following questions and concepts with self-transparency and self-honesty: • why we choose NVC* • what inside us pulls us towards empathy; and what inside us pulls us away from empathy • what our intentions are in communications • how we can move from co-dependent concern of another to co-empowered love • self-tracking: what motivates us to speak and behave as we do, and how to take responsibility for this in a self-loving and other-loving way • how we can gravitate more towards empathy, especially when we are triggered • how to take 100% responsibility for our words and actions without negative self-talk • how to create sustainable agreements with ourselves and with others My goal is to foster self-exploration in a safe and meaningful environment; to this end, I'll start our day together with a discussion of agreements - how we can best serve the space we are holding with kindness and love so that we may each explore and trust in empathy together. The suggested payment for this 6-hour workshop is $50 per person. No one is turned away for lack of funds, however, and I invite conversations that explore mutuality! Location is pending - will update with specifics once I know more. The workshop is from 10-4 with a short break for lunch. Anyone with some prior experience with NVC*, even limited, is welcome to attend this workshop. Those with very limited or no NVC* experience may wish to contact me ahead of time to determine how or if this workshop can serve your needs. *NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is a trademark of Marshall Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication. For more information about Marshall Rosenberg or NVC, please see or email me: (terry [at] lajenciaconservation [dot] org).


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