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How to DO Empathy

Here's a short (approx 10 min) mini video training I filmed recently for my email list subscribers titled How to DO Empathy. I hope you find it useful.

I'd love your questions, feedback, or input.



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thanks for it. It was good to hear empathy explained in other words than the ones I knew already. Especially examples are helpful to me. As more than one source always is to me anyway. Thanks. athayena
~if you open your heart a lot more is possible than you dared to dream of~

I liked this video very much.

I liked this video very much. I have now a better understanding of what empathy is (wich I needed much) and this video is for me also a beautiful example of how to express one's thoughts clearly and simply. Thank you, Alan! Wanna search for other videos of yours. Inga

Thanks,Alan, for sharing this

Thanks,Alan, for sharing this video with us. I hope a lot of people see it.

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