NVC-O Transitional Partners

"NVC-O" is the working name of the new international NVC organisation being created in keeping with the New Future Plan. The "Transitional Partners" are individuals empowered with formal decision-making authority during the implementation phase to build the new organisation. There are also ways of contributing to implementing the new organisation that do not involve being a Transitional Partner.

How People Become Transitional Partners

All members of the Implementation Council are automatically Transitional Partners.

While the Implementation Council has not yet approved procedures for additional people to become Transitional Partners, a working draft of procedures for this is being developed.

What the New Future Plan says about Transitional Partners may be found here.

Current Transitional Partners

  • ​Elkie Deadman
  • Roxy Manning
  • Aimee Ryan
  • Elin Searfoss
  • Jeyanthy Siva

(Order is alphabetical)


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