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Video presentation

Wow! Couldn't watch it sitting down because I got so excited! Needs met for care, inspiration, hope, appreciation. I love the fullness of the scope and the care for all parts of the process from global to individual. I love the attention to the variety of ways to participate and connect, receive support, collaborate, contribute, transition.. Glitches may surface and I feel confident the systems designed to address them will, maybe during Global Conventions?, be able to attend to them. With love, hope, and appreciation, Yay NVC-O!

Maybe I missed it, but would have preferred to just read a PDF

Probably just my style of processing, but could have taken in the info more easily, more quickly, and probably with better retention in just reading the text (as in a PDF) rather than having to listen to audio. Having simultaneous audio was just distracting for me. Yes, I could stop the audio and just read, but that too itself a distraction, as was having to use the slider to go back to previous text.

Guess I'm just a traditionalist. wink


Also with a PDF could have printed and scratched on my notes, and/or cut and past sections I wished to comment on. In this presentation interface I could not copy text that appeared. Left with the frustration of trying to just memorize what points I wanted to consider/digest further.

Did I miss something? Is there a PDF version somewhere?

Curiously, Alex Censor

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Is this for comments on SUBSTANCE of NFP Summary? Or?

Is this comment arena for comments on SUBSTANCE of NFP Summary? Or only intended for the webmaster feedback about the presentation? If not for substantive input, can you direct me to the most effective place for that? If I understood right there's time for input to the process proposals themselves up to about February 2017. Alex Censor
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