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Summary of Topic Areas

1. Purpose

  • How many distinct – possibly distributed – organizations will there be, and what will be the purpose of each?

2. Structure and Governance

  • How will the organization or network be structured, and how will it be governed?

3. Effectiveness & Alignment with Values

  • How will we support the organization in operating in ways that align with what we value?

4. Resource Generation, Allocation and Management

  • What is the business model for this organization and how will it sustain itself?

5. Community

  • How will we support the presence of qualities we value in communities the global NVC community, and in local NVC communities?

6. Certification, NVC Integrity and Individual Affiliation

  • Certification has been a strategy for supporting integrity in the way NVC is shared and for trainers to affiliate with CNVC. Going forward, how will we care for these needs?

7. Supporting those transmitting NVC

  • What sort of systems, processes, and resources will be offered to support trainers or others in sharing NVC consciousness?

8. Training

  • What sort of training, mechanisms for arranging training, and in-organization learning (e.g., IITs, on-line trainings, practices to ensure those in those organization are on the same page, etc.), if any, do we want to have offered via a central organization and how do we want them to work?

9. Social Change  & Peacemaking

  • What, if anything, will we do to support the world's systems in becoming more life serving, or to directly support peace and conflict resolution in the world?

10. Media, Outreach & Networking

  • How will the organization “get the word out,” to the general public and the NVC community, about opportunities to benefit from NVC?

11. Creating Access

  • What, if anything, will we do to make the benefits of what we offer available to people: with fewer economic resources, in areas without NVC organizations, with different languages and cultures, in different demographic groups and to many more people?

12. Evolution, Innovation and Supporting Big Projects

  • How, if at all, will be support our practices in improving, and make it possible for new, impactful, big things to happen?

There is also a more detailed explanation of these topic areas available for those who would like additional information.


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