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Family HEART Camp California

Sat, 2017-07-01 - Thu, 2017-07-06

Registration for all Family HEART Camps Opens Mid-February 2017!

Family HEART Camp is a unique community experience for all people who long for more Harmony, Ease, Authenticity, Respect, and Trust in their families, in their communities, and in the world. Grounded in the principles of Nonviolent Communication, our camps offer an unforgettable lived experience of compassionate community, in places of natural beauty, for people of all ages. All of our camps operate using Community Sourced Programming (CSP), an adaptation of Open Space Technology (OST), as the framework for program offerings. We also offer daily community gatherings and social events for fun, connection and learning.

Summer 2017 Lineup! We are excited to offer summer camps for 2017 in California, Colorado, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin. See all of our camps at

Why do we think Family HEART Camp is so special?  We have a dream...

... that all children everywhere are treated with unconditional love and respect. 

... that all parents everywhere find relief from struggling with their children and have all the support they need to raise their children in accordance with their values. 

... that Family HEART Camp will be a place where children learn to cherish, honor and respect their parents, and parents learn to cherish, honor and respect their children. 

... that Family HEART Camp brings together families from different backgrounds and socioeconomic status to celebrate diversity in all forms.  We long for all families who are drawn to the camp to be able to attend, regardless of their financial means.

Does this dream speak to you?  If so, we hope that you will join us! 

FHC California
July 1 - 6
Camp Loma
Corralitos, CA
Co-Hosts: Jared Finkelstein and Tim Hartnett

We are delighted to be offering Family HEART Camp California for a second year in a beautiful setting in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Camp Loma features a full kitchen, dining hall, outdoor pool, hot showers and flush toilets.

Camp Loma is a 4H Club camp located amidst the beautiful redwoods near the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains. It has an Olympic size swimming pool, as well as facilities for volleyball, horseshoes, tetherball, archery and an amphitheater campfire area. There are flush toilets and a commercial kitchen, but the only lodging option is tent camping. The weather is usually perfect this time of year, sunny skies but not too hot. It is a great place to feel close to nature within a community of families.

You can learn more about Camp Loma by visiting their website.

CNVC Certified Trainers at this camp: 
Jared Finkelstein, Gregory Rouillard
Contact Person: 
Jared Finkelstein, Tim Hartnett
Phone Numbers: 
855-342-2267 (Toll Free)


H4 Camp Loma
29650 Highland Way
Corralitos, CA
United States
37° 4' 31.926" N, 121° 50' 33.8424" W

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