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One of our goals with this web site is to create and foster NVC community, both globally and locally. Around the world, people have found that having a local community provides support and connection for the members of that community and acts as a magnet to attract those who want to learn NVC. We also want to connect you to people all over the world who share your NVC interests.

When you sign into the site you will find a new set of menus with resources and information about NVC and the Center for Nonviolent Communication. You will also have the option to tell the public about yourself and your interest in NVC, provide contact information and identify the topics of NVC  most interesting to you. You can also choose to present yourself as a supporter of NVC and select information you want to share with the world about yourself.

This document will show you how to get the most out of your user account.

PLEASE NOTE: This applies only to existing user accounts. New account registration has been suspended pending the launch of our new website in 2017. 

What you get when you sign in.

Community Menu

Learn how CNVC is governed, and keep up to date with the efforts of the teams that do the day to day work sharing NVC.

Learning Resources
Additional guides, sound files and interviews.

28 Articles and an extensive bibliography of books recommended by Marshall Rosenberg and other teachers of Nonviolent Communication.

Volunteer Positions
From time to time CNVC provides opportunities to contribute to the mission of sharing NVC in the world. Would you like to help?

Your menu

My Account
Quick access to your account information. Pay particular attention to EDIT and PROFILE INFORMATION in order to be seen and provide ways for CNVC and the public to connect with you.

Recent Posts
A very easy way to stay tuned to what is new or has changed on the site, including who has recently joined our community.

Your Personal Menu

Training Schedule
Quick access to the list of trainings around the world. You can quickly narrow your search to your area, level, or to specific topics, specific trainer, language, or format, including in-person trainings, tele trainings and online video training. Discover details and in many cases you can register online

A quick directory to contact key members of the community.

Create Content
Here you will find a link to list your practice group on the public part of the web site. A great way to find new members and grow your local community.

Log out

Blog Menu


Blog Index
An index of your blog entries

Create Blog Entry
Anyone with an account can publish a blog about any NVC topic and make comments on others blogs—a great community building tool

Private Message

Think of this as the office water cooler, a way to talk with people while on the web site. You can message one person or multiple people at the same time. These messages can be read online, and are sent to the recipients as an email as well. Remember that to reply, you will need to sign into the web site and click on the Messages link to find the message.

This is a great way to have a conversation with a group of people, much easier to manage than using e-mail.


Write new message
Enter the username of the people you want to message. Using your actual name as your username will make this process a lot easier for those wanting to communicate with you.

You will find a list of all your messages here. Click on a subject to read a message, or on the participants name to see their public account information. You can also delete messages you no longer want

How to get the most from your account.

Here is what most people will see if you fill in your EDIT and Profile Information table and give permission to be seen as a supporter on our web site. It includes your public information.

How you will be seen

And this is how you will be seen when people are looking for supporters in your area.

Find Supporter

And finally, this is how your account will be seen by CNVC personnel. It includes your public information and your private information. It is also how you will see your own record.

Private view

Here is some information to help your profile to be seen in these ways.

The entire process will take about 20 minutes and will be well worth the time. However you can fill it out in pieces if you prefer. You can change the information in your profile at any time.

This is what you see when you create an account.

Create Account

We highly recommend that you make your user name your first and last names with a space in between because you user name is how people will see you on the site when you are online, create blog entries or make comments.

About User Choices
Private Messaging is a way people on the site can connect with you. Check if you do not want to be contacted this way. This is a quick, easy and convenient way to build your online community.



Once you create an account, you will get an email with your username and password to use when logging in to the site.

When you log in, clicking on the "Remember me" option prevents you having to enter them every time you log in.

Only do this when you not using a shared computer.

First Log In

When you log in to the web site, you will be taken to your account view.

You will want to update information in the Edit and Profile Information sections by clicking on the tabs, starting with the Edit tab.
Account Information

You can change your username anytime you like.
Please remember to keep your e-mail address up to date.

You can change your password anytime you like.
Language You can select the language you are most comfortable using. As the web site pages are translated, this choice will help you connect to the pages using your preferred language.
Signature You might want to create a phrase that is added automatically to blog entries, messages and comments you create.
Picture Adding a close up picture of your face will help create a connection when people see your profile.
Contact With this checked, people will be able to send you e-mail without ever seeing your e-mail address.
Messageing We recommend you leave these settings as they are to start. This way you will receive notices when you are on the site, and unless you change a setting lower in the form, also get notices by e-mail.
Local-Timezone We recommend you set your time zone so dates and times are adjusted to your location.
Private Messageing E-mail Unless you visit the site often, you will want to leave this checked.
Save Be sure to click save before you leave this page so you do not lose your information!

Now click the "Profile Information" tab to personalize your experience on the site.

Your Name Enter your first name, last name and name for public view, we recommend it be the same as your username.

Next comes information about yourself you can choose to make available to the public.


Are you willing to be listed on the CNVC public web site (

If you would like the public to be able to view your profile, select "yes" button and then enter the information you want the public to see in this section.

If you select "No", your account will not appear in the Find Supporters listings.

Public Message

We reserve the right to remove material not related to NVC.

You can enter a short statement about your interest in NVC.

Please do not post commercial information not related to NVC.
Public Location

If you have an NVC related web site you can create a link here, be sure to include the http://. Please link back to

Describe your location to the public.

Some people use a full address, others describe a general region.

Public Primary and Secondary Phone Numbers:

If you want to get calls from the public enter a Public Primary Phone or Skype ID.

Please put the number someone inside your country would dial to call you (national number) first, followed by the number someone would dial from outside your country, in parentheses, beginning with "+" followed by your country code. For example: "01865.555555 (+44.1865.555555)" (USA/Canada: "areaCode.prefix.4numbers (+1.areaCode.prefix.4numbers)" )

Then let the public know if this is for your office, home, cell/mobile number, Skype and so on.

There is also room for a second number.



If this profile is for an NVC Group, let us know if it is a geographic, interest or language group.

Then comes the part of the profile that will be shown only to CNVC staff and Certified Trainers and will never be shared with the public.

This information will help us serve you better.

Private Information

We ask for at least your postal code and a phone number. There is a place in the form asking for your address that is no longer being used. You can leave it blank.

We are currently collecting mailing information in the Location section later in the form. Only State/Province and Country information will be shown to the public. Street, City and Postal Code information will remain private.



In the Vocabulary section you can share languages you speak, your areas of interest and in which countries you might attend trainings.

To select more than one of any of these, hold the Control (for PCs) or Apple Key (for Macs) while you click on your choices.

Areas of Interest that you can select include:

Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Mediation/Conflict Resolution
  Restorative Justice
  Social Change
  Spiritual Growth
  Violence Prevention
  Youth Programs


Choices include Arabic, Chinese, Simplified, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Brazil, Portuguese, Portugal, Russian, and Spanish.

If these are not your language, chose Language Neutral

Use this menu to select the language that best supports your language.


If your mailing address is not recognized, you can use the hand tool and the + label to find your location in the map. Then click on the map and the program place and icon and will use the coordinates of that location.

To clear your selection and start over, click on the icon.

This area is used by applications that handle locations.

It is the address CNVC  would use to send you postal mail.

It determines what country, state/province and city is shown when people search for supporters, trainers, or NVC  orgaizations.


The City and Street sections will not be seen by the public, Enter your city as if addressing and envelope. Avoid phrases like "Near London" or "Munich - München" to avoid confusing the application. Include those kinds of details in the Public Location field.

SaveBe sure to click on Save before you leave this page to preserve your information!

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