East Van Compassionate Communication Community

My name is Jim Thompson and I've been deeply involved in NVC for the last two and a half years. I also work as a counselor, and recently became registered as a Candidate NVC trainer. Our practice group has been meeting for over two years, twice a week. We start with a check in, then explore a topic each evening, and usually get a chance to practice empathy, honesty or self-empathy individually, in small groups or in the large circle. I have been offering a full day free training once a month for the last year on Sundays which has been a wonderful opportunity to immerse ourselves more deeply into NVC consciousness. I also write up summaries of the practice group sessions that people can read even if they didn't attend an evening. This group is usually led by myself, but there are several participants now stepping up to lead some of the groups. We are lucky to have several other NVC candidates in our community supporting this group.


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