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Making NVC Work for All & NVC Workshops that Hit the Spot




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Manning, Roxanne
Mireille van Bremen

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Sun, Jun 16, 2019 to Wed, Jun 19, 2019 — 09:00 to 18:00 — Central European Time (UTC+1)


South of France

Centre Trimurti
642 Chemin du Val de Perrier
83310 Cogolin


Making NVC Work for All
Led by Roxy Manning

2 Days – 16 & 17 June 2019

How can NVC be used to create a bridge between people with vastly different experiences?

How can we explore the ways in which every aspect of who we are, our upbringing and life experiences filter and shape every aspect of our NVC experience? How do we speak up courageously yet compassionately when we experience or witness differential treatment based on social identities, on both large and small scales?

Come see an NVC centered way to connect across differences, to:

  • Explore the ways that social characteristics, such as country of origin, gender, income, education impact how we are seen by others and how we see the world.
  • Identify ways to talk about differences in access to power, rank and privilege that connect rather than distance us
  • Learn strategies to speak up about social injustice that move away from blaming and shaming but still retain their full power
  • Understand the many ways NVC consciousness can empower social change work to increase cohesion and effectiveness

Audience: anyone sharing NVC, with at least a solid understanding of NVC concepts and principles.

About 35% theory and 65% practice (estimation).

NVC Workshops that Hit the Spot
Led by Roxy Manning and Mireille van Bremen

2 Days – 18 & 19 June 2019

Designing & Building Impactful NVC Training

As a devoted NVC practitioner, you know how transformative NVC can be. You receive an invitation to share NVC with a group or organization. You go in, ready to share the power of empathy, to guide people through the steps of the process. And at the end, people thank you but most of them don’t return for a follow-up class. Are you yearning to share NVC in a way that helps people connect immediately to the value it can have for their lives? That leaves them inspired and ready to dive in and learn more? This workshop is for you:

  • Identify the challenges that lead people to seek out NVC trainings,
  • Hone in on the specific NVC principles that will speak most clearly to your audience,
  • Develop a training that helps people see how to apply NVC to their situations,
  • Design and select activities that speak to the needs of those in the room,
  • Learn to use graphic facilitation to support learning,
  • Use these skills to craft marketing materials that draw people in and help fill your room,
  • Learn how to how to link principle based teaching to a visual style of facilitating,
  • Work on developing training materials that visually illustrate the concepts that are the the basis for your training.

You’ll leave this workshop having applied these techniques to at least one group with whom you’d like to work, with clarity on what you can offer them, and the frame of the workshop completed.

Audience: anyone sharing NVC, with at least a solid understanding of NVC concepts and principles.

About 25% theory and 75% practice/implementation (estimation)


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