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Communicating to Connect




General NVC


In Person




Monroe, Liv

Date and Time

Tue, May 21, 2019 — 06:45 to 09:00 — Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)


Lincoln Elementary School

213 - 21st Ave SE
Olympia, Washington
United States


An experiential introduction to the basics of Nonviolent Communication from 6:45 to 9pm. Participants may learn and practice immediately usable tools for connecting honestly and compassionately with others, themselves and life. NVC can help resolve conflicts and transform anger, blame, criticism and guilt into something more fun and less costly. Expect active engagement--or you can sit back quietly if you prefer.

The language we use affects how we think which in turn affects how we feel and act. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg has developed a simple yet radical communication process, Nonviolent Communication(sm), aka NVC(sm), with the potential for changing how others hear and respond to us (without defensiveness or blame) and how we view others and ourselves (without blame, shame or criticism). This workshop offers instruction, discussion, experiential learning, and the opportunity for you to decide if this process fits for you.

We judge others by their actions; we judge ourselves by our intentions. We may feel misunderstood when others see our outsides and we want them to understand our insides. Perceive others as you would have others perceive you.

Would you like to speak your truth without jeopardizing relationships, be less judgmental, and not take things personally? Would you like more hope and less fear in the world and in your daily life.

Who is it for

Everyone is welcome

No registration necessary. 

No fee, donations from the heart are welcome.

What to Bring

Yourself and maybe a friend

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