Year Course: Embodying & Teaching NVC

Names of CNVC Certified Trainers involved: 
Yoram Mosenzon
Purpose of your program: 

The purposes of our Year long training are:

- To support NVC enthusiasts to make steps toward becoming NVC trainers 
- To support NVC enthusiasts to make steps toward offering 1 on 1 Empathy sessions. 
- Create a supportive community for growth and inspiration.
​- Support candidates on their path toward certification

Outcomes for participants: 

The outcomes we are focused on are:

- Deepening the Embodiment of NVC consciousness into your daily life.
- Getting experience, confidence and skills in offering 'Private Empathy Sessions'.
- Getting skills, structures, tips and experience in start teaching NVC

Description of the program: 

Course Content: 

‘Embodying & Teaching NVC’

On the road to becoming an NVC trainer



A)   Preparing for Empathy Sessions:

Deepening and refining the art of Empathy: tips, tricks, skills and techniques:

1. How to set up Role plays + the different kinds of role plays

2. Healing:  What ‘healing’ really means? When does it happen? How to lead a healing dialouge.

3. Empathy in the body


B)  Moving into Teaching NVC: 

1.  How to Coach on the 4 Steps

2. Structure for Introducing NVC to 1 person

3.  Dealing with Teaching challenges:

      - What are the choices you have as trainer? How to stay human in all situations/how to LIVE the NVC principles as a trainer?

     - How to answer questions?

2. Structure & Tips for introducing NVC to a group

3. Facilitating a group:  Facilitating a Consent Group decision making process.

C) Deepening Embodiment:
1. working with inner jackals & Core believes : Moving to speaking with myself compassionately

2. Working with fear

​3. Vision work: connecting with our vision (regarding NVC and life), and getting clear as to the steps we are inspired to take to realize our dreams.

4. And many more...


D) Community experience

1. What community means to me?

2. Living in a community of Honesty and Empathy:  Transforming distance into closeness (honest dialogues)

4. The Need for attention


E) Extra structures we will follow throughout the year:

1. Empathy buddy:

Once a week, Empathy exchange skype call with a fellow participant: practicing Empathy and caring for our ‘emotional hygien’.

2. Teaching each other:

Each Sunday, you will be invited to teach a certain NVC theme. You will teach each time to 1 person (not to a group).

By doing so you will develop your own style of teaching, and collect materials, exercises and ways how you like to teach NVC.

3. Empathy in Special Context:

During the year you will be asked to give at least 10 ‘Empathy Sessions’ to a person exterior to our course.

4. FB group:

This will be a community space fro sharing, requesting, doubting, learning, celebrating and mourning together all through the year.


  We expect this plan to be manifested to about 85%. 

In order to make the course alive and connected to the participant’s interest and experience, we like to keep a flexibility to about 15% to fit the design of the course to the present interest of the participants, moment by moment during the course.


Time investment:

- 1h per week: skype call Empathy Buddy

- 10m exercise a day

- 2h a month prep for ‘Teaching each other’

- minimum 10h a year ‘Empathy in Special Context’

- 12.5 days workshop between November 2016- June 2017

- Life exchanges/experiences


Dates of the program: 
Fri, 2017-03-10 - Sun, 2017-07-09
What we want people to do before they apply: 
Very minimum of 60 hours previous experience with NVC workshops
Financial Request: 
1150 €
How to apply: 
info [at] connecting2life [dot] net

BYIO, Being You, Inspiring Others

Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard,, +1 (514) 465-0446.
Names of CNVC Certified Trainers involved: 
Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard, Gina Cenciose, Jean-Philippe Bouchard.
Outcomes for participants: 

Living, knowing and teaching NVC

  • Do you dream of enabling the emergence of NVC consciousness in the world?
  • Do you want to become the best trainer you possibly can?
  • Do you want to have confidence that you are fully equipped, solid, resilient, creative and versatile in your ability to share your skills?
  • Then join us for this intensive training program and retreat!

    Learning objectives

    In this program, you'll improve your capacity to share NVC in ways that are both compelling and inspiring, as well enhancing your level of confidence as a trainer. You will develop :
    • Your ease at embodying process and consciousness while offering training
    • Your ability to use role-playing throughout your trainings
    • Your capacity to flow between teaching moments and empathy moments during training
    • Your capacity to stay connected to yourself, the participants, the group as a whole and what you want to share
    • Your ability and skills in designing training for a variety of settings and clients
    • Your skill at facilitating groups and working with challenging participants
    • Your understanding of and ease with sharing NVC concepts and differentiations
    • Your ease and effectiveness in both giving and receiving feedback
    "The design is a perfect mix of teaching and experiencing moments allowing participants, small and larger group dynamics to evolve, fostering friendships amongst the participants and belonging to the NVC community."
    Description of the program: 

    Who should attend?

    “To be an NVC trainer is to be a more alive and real human being. The energy and activities at this retreat gave deep support to my quest to be more fully human and to bring that out into the world, in my own way.”

    This training has been created specifically for experienced, passionate and committed 
NVC practitioners who want to get better at sharing their skills, including :

    • Those sharing NVC in formal settings such as public training of any duration or depth, organizational training or NVC practice groups.
    • Those sharing NVC as facilitators, coaches, consultants, teachers, managers, HR professionals, mediators, activists, therapists, etc.

    To best enable NVC trainers to become effective, skilled and powerful practitioners, this program will focus on three development paths :

    • Integrating NVC skills and consciousness into every aspect of daily life
    • Mastering NVC concepts in a deeply rooted way
    • Accessing a wide range of creative and effective ways to share NVC

    We require participants to have a strong foundation in NVC, including a minimum of ten days of NVC certified training. We warmly welcome CNVC certification candidates!

    The advantages of training with us

    You’ll benefit from working with two CNVC Educational Services assessors, as well as a professional organizational consultant with formal training design skills.

    All three trainers have dedicated the bulk of their time and energy to bringing NVC and NVC-related consciousness and skills to people in an incredible variety of settings – from large government agencies, mental health organisations, activists and multi-national corporations to grassroots organizations, prisons, homeless shelters, families, couples, schools and universities.

    We’re thrilled to share years of insight, experience, successes and failures – the whole thing!

    Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard

    From a background in alternative medicine and activism, as well as a deep commitment to personal development, healing and peacemaking, I have been involved full time in NVC-related activities since 2006. I have brought NVC to others through training, mediation and coaching services. I work directly with the public as well as with organizations, with all kinds of people from teams in governmental agencies to parents in disarray in their relationships with their kids. I really enjoy working with couples who want to live their most intimate relationship in NVC consciousness.

    As a CNVC certification assessor, I feel honoured to act as a guardian of and support to the integrity of the process and everything that underlies it. I am thrilled to participate in supporting its full potential of unfolding into the world.

    I am currently finishing my master’s degree in Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and I am enrolled in the Coaching for Transformation Program. I am also learning Argentinian Tango and am a student in the Diamond Approach.

    Gina Cenciose

        I can’t say enough how the presence and the qualities you each offer is an amazing combination, a powerful range of beauty, grace, wisdom, love, competence, inspiration and authenticity and palpable presence from all of you.

    Gina / I am a deeply experienced CNVC Certified Trainer and Assesor, I have been training NVC trainers in 1- to 3-year long programs in English and French. Being a social change activist, I have co-created and led over 45 yearlong programs in the past 11 years, created and led NVC sessions in prisons, with mothers and children in violent situations, in large organizations like the Canadian Space Agency, with Residential schools and other trauma survivors, as well as with the general public. In addition, I am certified as a facilitator and trainer in Circle work and have led circles in prisons and organizations for years. I also work in helping people bloom through Wholebody and Inner Relationship Focusing, in which I am certified and help to train new trainers. I am part of the Aboriginal Focusing Oriented Therapy Program for Complex Trauma and have many years experience in trauma healing work with individuals and groups. My background has been filled with music and I lead peace dances and sacred singing circles in my programs.

    I take great joy and meaning in implementing living systems that include Nonviolent Communication, circles and participatory leadership models. I work closely with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, as a certifying coordinator and have been offering 1 to 3-year long programs for new NVC trainers.

    Restorative practices and Restorative Justice have been a major focus in my life. All of my work draws from the depths of my experience and passion with life; from my intensive training in Shamanism, Insight Meditation, Buddhism, Non-dual Awareness, The Diamond Approach, Permaculture, singing, music and much more. I bring a real depth of awareness and consciousness as well as the joy of nature and of music to my life and gatherings.

    Jean-Philippe Bouchard

        The biggest lesson this week was standing by and witnessing others take risks, create, make mistakes, succeed and above all SHARE what and how they are passionate about NVC. This is what I’ve been dreaming of!

    Jean-Philippe / I have been a trainer and an organizational development (OD) consultant since 1996. I was introduced to NVC 10 years ago, and it completely changed my life and my practice as a consultant. Five years ago I co-founded Spiralis in order to offer NVC to all my corporate clients and to the general public.

    I specialize in leadership development and workplace climate improvement and I have trained hundreds of managers of all levels in collaborative leadership, interpersonal communication, psychological harassment, conflict management and work team performance. NVC practices are always used as the core for all the content I teach.

    I also work as a coach, supporting people going through difficult times and personal transformation. Trained as an Integral Development Coach, I also integrate NVC consciousness into my coaching practice.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from HEC Montreal and a
    master’s degree in OD from Concordia University. I’m certified as a CNVC trainer!

    Structure of the program: 

    “This is the place to go if one wants to immerse in NVC, live in an NVC community, build a network for support, be re-energized, find one’s focus for the future, grow, stretch, dip in a bath of compassion and, I am happy to say, fun and friendship.”

    1. The program begins with three group web classes. For all registered participants of the program, these gatherings will contribute to :

    • Coming together as a learning community
    • Developing a sense of both personal and collective purpose
    • Establishing a learning plan in very specific and effective ways.

    2. This is followed by a six-day*, intensive residential retreat offering an opportunity to participate in :

    • Coached presentations
    • Thematic learning sessions
    • 2 days on facilitation skills and role-plays
    • Peer support and feedback
    • Creation of a personalized, step-by-step guide to continued learning and growth

    *half-day + 5 full days + half-day


    Web classes

    Web classes will be held on weekday evenings in  October and early November (exact dates TBD) from 7:30-9:00 pm (Eastern Time). These classes are designed to foster a working group in preparation for the retreat.


    Shortly after that, we’ll spend Monday, November 14th  through Sunday, November 20th, 2016 together in the Eastern Townships region of Québec for the rest of the program. Arrival is at 1:00 pm and the program starts 3:00 pm. Sunday lunch is included on the final day, after the morning session. Please plan to arrive before starting time and leave after ending time!


    Centre Tara
    184 10ème rang Ouest
    Bonsecours, Québec J0E 1H0 (Canada)


    Five housing options are available. Please note that space is limited, so don’t wait too long (click register in menu above)!

    • Separate, male/female dormitory-style room, shared bath (beds for 11 women, 7 men)
    • Double-occupancy room, shared bath (4 available)
    • Double-occupancy room, private bath (4 available)
    • Single room, shared bath (2 available)
    • Single room, private bath (2 available)


    Dates of the program: 
    Mon, 2016-11-14 - Sun, 2016-11-20

    VIE (Valeurs, Intégrité, Empathie)

    Louise at
    Names of CNVC Certified Trainers involved: 
    Louise Romain et collègues/amis certifiés
    Dates of the program: 
    Tue, 2016-07-12 - Fri, 2017-04-14
    How to apply: 
    Veuillez contacter Louise

    The Center for Nonviolent Communication
    9301 Indian School Rd NE Suite 204
    Albuquerque, NM 87112-2861 USA
    Tel: +1.505.244.4041 | Fax: +1.505.247.0414 | US Only: 800 255 7696

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