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Marisa SleeterMarisa Sleeter, Certification Program Support

Hailing from New Mexico and currently living in Portland, OR, USA, Marisa is ecstatic to have found a body of work, organization and community that aligns so deeply with her core values. She loves dreaming in giraffe about the kind of world she would love to create, then finding a way to put those dreams into practice in both her personal and professional life!

Marisa brings her background in international communications, anthropology, advertising/public relations, and experience in multiple non-profit agencies to her role at CNVC. She delights in connecting with people, continually learning about other cultures/experiences, and the way her job allows her to work on her growing edges in a compassionate and committed community. 

She supports the CNVC Certification program and loves to see how each team member embodies Marshall’s radical notions of shared power, co-creation, and self-responsibility.  She is constantly inspired by connecting with the international CNVC Educational Services Team members and supporting in any way she can, the integrity and sharing of NVC.

In her downtime, you can find Marisa cuddling with her two big dogs (and chickens), playing board games, and enjoying all the live music, seafood and amazing outdoor adventures that the Pacific NW USA has to offer.

Contact Marisa with questions about:

  • The CNVC Certification Program
  • The CNVC Educational Services Team
  • CNVC Certified Trainer renewal and support
  • CNVC Yahoo!Groups, CNVC Newsletter, mailing list
  • Guidelines for Sharing NVC, copyrights, and other certification related documents and requests

AllisonAlison Simari, Office Support

Alison hails from Liverpool, England, and has lived in the United States for over 20 years. After earning a degree in American Studies, she made a permanent move to the US. She has worked in a variety of fields including a non-profit organization in Santa Cruz, CA. Alison feels privileged to be part of an organization that has a worldwide presence and impact that is committed to social change. She appreciates the many opportunities to learn, grow, and share in the vision and mission of CNVC.

Alison currently supports the Bookstore and Certification, and is the Continuing Education Units Coordinator.




Teresa LaguatanTeresa Laguatan, Bookstore Manager (with Penny, Office Dog)


Teresa grew up in Japan, but has called Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA home for over twenty years. Now she can’t fathom a life without green chile and New Mexico sunsets! While in college, she worked in the university library and discovered that a world in which she can be surrounded by books is where she prefers to be. She spent the next nine years playing different roles within the retail book business, discovering an affinity to and an aptitude for customer service. In the short time she has been with CNVC, Teresa has found unexpected sources of fulfillment in being able to converse with customers who are on a similar journey to discovering NVC. She enjoys the prospect of reviewing all the products at CNVC with the aim of being able to provide a personal perspective on the items we have available.

Contact Teresa about:

  • Ordering education materials
  • Shipping inquiries
  • New material requests
  • Pricing on materials/wholesale discounts


Kendra RodriguezKendra Sciarrotta, International Intensive Training Support (in Albuquerque, NM, USA)


In her past careers, Kendra has been immersed in the domination culture of the US military, has utilized her eye for detail and project management in corporate America, and has owned/been owned by a business she founded and ran for years. Now, Kendra is ecstatic to be a part of a community and workplace where connection, celebration and play are embraced and encouraged! Kendra takes pleasure in connecting with and supporting the IIT participants through her work with IIT venues, organizers, IIT training team and the CNVC administration. She is also thrilled with the fact that CNVC is a pet-friendly office and enjoys the various cats, dogs, jackals and giraffes that come into the office daily.

Click here to contact Kendra with questions about:

  • IIT space availability/registration - Albuquerque IITs
  • IIT locations
  • IIT dates
  • IIT Payments


Elin SearfossElin Searfoss, International Intensive Trainings (outside of Albuquerque, NM, USA) and Information Technology On-Site Support


Elin came to CNVC with a background in Information Technology and Office Administration, and enjoys using her variety of skills to support the CNVC staff and our international network. Elin speaks fluent Norwegian and English, and has a deep passion for communication and languages. She highly treasures the opportunity to connect with giraffes all over the world, with the opportunities this offers for connection, shared reality, creative communication, learning, and celebration!

Contact Elin with questions about:

  • IIT space availability/registration - IITs outside Albuquerque
  • IIT locations
  • IIT dates
  • IIT Payments

Pan VeraPan Vera, Information Technology Coordinator/ Web Master e-mail Pan

Pan worked for 23 years in the Information Technology field; the last 12 as a self-employed web site developer. He has specialized in computer applications designed to help groups work effectively together, exactly what we want our web site to help our NVC Community to do. Pan provided IT services to the Puget Sound Network for Compassionate Communications starting in 1998 and has been facilitating trainings since 2004. (Pan works for CNVC as a contractor.)

 Contact Pan with questions about:

  • Information Technology
  • Web Site

William PoehnerWilliam Poehner, Assistent Information Technology Coordinator/Web Master e-mail

William has previously served the Center for Nonviolent Communication as the IT Coordinator and recently returned to offer technical support to an organization he loves.

He has over fifteen years experience in information technology and non-profit management. In addition, William has been a CNVC Certified Trainer since 2013.

William provides assistance with Information Technology and Web Site activity.



Michael Sleeter PhotoMichael Sleeter, Financial and Fundraising Coordinator e-mail Michael

Michael is pleased to be involved with CNVC at this pivotal point in its evolution, and excited to be a part of supporting the growth of NVC worldwide.  He is particularly grateful to be part of a creative, impassioned staff dedicated to embodying the values of NVC in their daily service.

Michael has a BBA, MBA, has run his own financial and business consulting practice (primarily in small business and web design/development), and brings 20 years of financial experience to his position at CNVC.  With an extensive background in financial analysis and fundraising, he is passionate about contributing to the long-term growth and fiscal viability of CNVC and sees primary his role as that of supporting his fellow staffers in accomplishing their missions.

Michael would love to talk to you about:

  • Teaming with CNVC through financial and in-kind donations
  • Vendor-related invoicing, billing, payment questions>
  • CNVC Business-related questions; partnering with CNVC, Financial, other
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping related inquiries

Rita HerzogRita Herzog, CNVC Certification Coordinator (retired) e-mail Rita

Rita has been studying and teaching Nonviolent Communication since she met Marshall almost 30 years ago, focusing on schools, parenting, family relationships, and many areas of social services. She has a master's degree in teaching, and has worked as the coordinator of an independent school, a day care director, a college instructor, and as visiting faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Rita helped write the original document for the certification preparation and assessment process, and continues in the role of Certification Coordinator, offering support to assessors and trainer candidates. We explore together how to live and teach the values of self-awareness, self responsibility, community, and social change, all of which encompass the spirituality which is at the heart of Nonviolent Communication.

Contact Rita about:

  • Vision and goals for CNVC certification
  • Registering to start the certification process
  • Finding and working with an assessor
  • Problem-solving with candidates and assessors
  • Requirements vs requests for certification

Bob Wentworth, Lead Evolution Agent / Board Member e-mail Bob Bob is a CNVC Certified Trainer, and a former physicist and software developer.

He is passionate about creating life-serving systems, as well as supporting individuals in experiencing more love, empowerment, and aliveness in their lives.

At CNVC, Bob is focused on supporting the evolution of the organization.

Contact Bob about:

  • Process for a New Future

Office Holidays

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New Year’s Day

Thursday, January 1

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 19

President’s Day

Monday, February 16

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25

Independence Day

Saturday, July 4

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Monday, September 7

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Wednesday, November 11

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Thursday, December 24

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Thursday, December 31

Shared Purpose of the Staff of CNVC

Having clarity about shared purpose is helpful to any group that would like to function effectively, with synergy, meaning, and heart connection. The CNVC staff has longed for clarity about where CNVC as a whole is headed, to support its ability to function in a satisfying way. What the larger picture is will take more time to answer.  What we know right now is where things are in the present, and what the staff's hopes are for the future. In this context, the staff has identified our shared intentions as to how we would like to work together during this time of transition. These intentions may change as clarity about the direction of CNVC as a whole emerges.

We have together developed the following statement of "Our Shared Purpose as the Staff of CNVC," which we are excited to share with you below.

This statement is intended to serve the staff as an inspirational reminder of why we are here, what we are trying to achieve, and how we want to show up, with one another, and with you.

We welcome any reflections or responses that you might have in response to this message and our statement of shared purpose.


Alison Simari - Bookstore & Certification Support

Bob Wentworth - Lead Evolution Agent

Elin Searfoss - International Intensive Trainings, Information Technology and Human Resources

Kendra Rodriguez -  International Intensive Training Coordinator

Marisa Sleeter - Certification Program Support

Michael Sleeter - Financial Coordinator

Pan Vera - Information Technology Coordinator, Web Master

Rita Herzog - Certification Coordinator

Teresa Laguatan - Bookstore Manager

The CNVC Staff



We come together as an act of service, working for the good of all, embracing the oneness and interconnectedness of all, in support of there being more love, harmony, empowerment, aliveness and liberation in the world. We do this by enabling, facilitating, nurturing and inspiring others -- those who share NVC, those curious about NVC, and those who desire heartfelt connection -- in their efforts to realize our collective dreams. 

We create a living experience of NVC, in our work together and in the experiences we offer those with whom we interact. We embody and are committed to care, which we understand as including compassion, honesty and protective use of force. We are connected to the larger meaning of our work. We value passion, joy, vulnerability, courage, play, self-responsibility and self-care.

We cultivate a shared understanding of our shared responsibilities and the needs these serve. We own these responsibilities collectively, partnering to ensure that what needs doing is addressed with quality and excellence. 

We care for our interconnectedness with awareness of the impact of our choices. We support each individual in applying their passion in service to the whole, acknowledging our different levels of comfort and skill with the tasks for which we are collectively responsible. We cultivate acceptance, and loving what is, while honoring the significance and beauty of our longings.

We support and participate in the co-created ongoing evolution of this organization and the work we are doing together. We value alignment and connection with the larger CNVC community and communities who share our vision.

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