Compassionate Communication & Empathy Group

Practice group sessions are 7pm-9pm every 3rd Wednesday monthly, amended to suit group needs. We usually open with a “What’s On Top” session. Each participant has 3-5 minutes to share with the circle where their Feelings and Needs are most alive for them in the present moment. This may mean connecting to their most meaningful and alive experiences during the week. The group listens with Empathy and Curiosity as to what Feelings and Needs may be expressed by the sharer. Each participant has a choice to bypass sharing, and remain as witness and valuable presence to others. The evening flows into Empathy Circles. The “What’s Alive” energy from “What’s On Top” is held in Empathic Connection by the group. Into this Empathy Circle, each person decides what NVC resource is best utilised for meeting the Beauty of their Needs, and to be seen and heard by the group. Those new to the group share the energy of Empathic Connection. The outcome is renewed purpose and clarity, where each person is valued, seen and heard with compassion, and received with gratitude and loving celebration. Practice Groups provide a supportive space for ongoing NVC training to build skills for authentic expression and to engage in empathic connection. Contact Sophia Email: sophia4cccanz [at] gmail [dot] com Ph/Fax: (04) 3800 327 Ph/Text: 027 211 0156 P O Box 7039, Wellington Website:


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