Communicating Personally in Los Angeles (Culver City)

The topic of each Wednesday and Saturday NLP-LA Meetings is Communicating Personally using NVC and NLP - Complementary means of enhancing life experiences. Meeting times are: 2nd Saturdays at 1:00 PM and 2nd Wednesdays at 8:00 PM Location is at SHARE in Culver City (Los Angeles) on Green Valley Circle near Centinela 90230. Details of the Culver City location are given to you when you join now - joining is free of course, and gives you access to additional NVC and NLP information. Your donations support continuation of this service ($2-$5 suggested). Nobody is obligated to support at these meetings any time -- attend as often as you find it valuable to you, don't you? NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is also known as Communicating Compassionately, Heart-Centered Communication, or other variations of such words. NVC is at first a process for enhancing relationships - personal and business. The NVC techniques seek to identify the needs of individuals in their communicating so as to identify if the parties may be able/willing to provide some actions to aid in satisfying those needs. You will want to first practice often NVC for positive feelings and needs that are being met according to 3 elements (remembering to use them OFN): 1. Observing what our senses are experiencing. 2. Feelings - Notice what feeling(s) the experience is bringing. 3. Need - Identify what need is being met that causes the feelings. There is a fourth element to NVC which usually is not needed for positive feelings, because we are already getting our needs met. This forth element is: 4. Request some behavior from the other person that may help to satisfy your needs. At Communicating Personally, you are invited to practice the OFN elements (first as if they are steps - in the order of 1, 2, 3) for communicating to others how their behavior (what they have said or done) increases your good feelings about life by helping you to meet needs/desires/wants/values that you have. You probably will not need to use the Request element for this -- just tell others what you Observed that they did/said that gave you a specific good feeling because what they did/said helped you to satisfy at least one of your needs/wants/desires/values. Notice how much better you and they feel when you do this! Also, when you practice this, notice how many times that you feel good and have not been noticing until now. You also want to use this process of NVC to explore how your unmet needs can be met so that you can change a negative feeling to a positive feeling, can't you?. The process begins is the same, using the OFN elements, except that you express a negative feeling that you are experiencing from an observation of their behavior which goes against your needs/desires/wants/values. Also, you then make a Request for the other person to do or say something which may help you to get some needs/desires/wants/values met and thus contribute to you feeling good. Each of the 4 elements of the NVC process have subtleties which are best (only?) understood with practice. That is why it is so important to attend a well facilitated experiential training and to practice is OFN. You will get the experience of practicing the NVC OFN and R elements to increase your enjoyment of others and increase your enjoyment of your Self while you and they will enhance your life experiences when you will come to this meeting, won't you?. There is much more to NVC than this, but this process is at the heart of everything else in NVC. More than the processes, NVC strives to enhance the empathetic communicating experiences of the people in any communicating situation, and as such could be thought of as an NLP technique. Why? Because NLP is pragmatic and it models excellence. NVC is an excellent behavior. Meeting details are available at Other NVC and NLP information is in the files section at this NLP-LA site. Malcolm - Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP/NVC Trainer 310 821-3081 See also


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