Certified Trainer Reports for the General Public

Click on a persons name to read there trainer report.

With the automatic Google translate, when you view a report you may notice the language has been translated poorly. Look at the very top of the web page, and click on Show Original.

Namesort icon Contact Language of Report Year of Report Comments
amalasiri nuria murcia Amalasiri English 2012 0
Anne Walton Anne Walton English 2011 1
Anne Walton Anne Walton English 2012 0
Anne Walton Anne Walton English 2013 0
Armin Torbecke at211 Deutsch 2009 0
Cate Crombie CateC English 2013 0
Christa Gronow Christa Gronow Deutsch 2010 0
Dorset Campbell-Ross Dorset Campbell-Ross English 2010 0
Eliane REGIS er149 Français 2012 0
Elizabeth Locana Elizabeth Locana English 2009 0
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