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How collaborate within a team.

Working in the center of social services, I  conducted a sociological research "Young Family". My report on the results of the research received a prize at the competition of the Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


I developed a series of computer tests to determine the compatibility of personality types in small groups, as well as to select the best types an activities for people with this social type.


In the study of the relationship between spouses in young families, it was found that the most effective recommendations for improving relations can be given after the definition of a statistically stable social type.


In the program for determining the social type, it is possible to save the test data to a computer disk at a user-selected address. 
This feature allows the user to collect statistical data from the test results.


After determining the stable social type, the user receives recommendations on optimal activities based on Tiger's personality assessment (TART methodology), as well as tabular data on the qualitative assessment of compatibility with all sixteen social types, taking into account their strong and weak information channels.


Those who want to use my computer tests to optimize human relations, hiring and placing staff, forming cohesive small groups with high mutual understanding (family, work, sports, recreation), write in the comments please.


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