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The Story of How the New World Began: You and the Old Man Picking Up Starfish

coming to walk along the ocean in the early morning, you saw an endless stretch of dying starfish on the sand. As you walked along you came upon an old man picking up starfish and returning them to the ocean.

Why are you doing that, you asked.

So they have a chance to live, he replied.

What! you exclaimed, Look at this beach. There are thousands, maybe millions of starfish. What difference can you possibly make?!

He answered you simply, looking down at the one he was holding carefully in his hand. I make a difference to this one,he said,  as he tossed it into the waves.


You stood there silently. You heard the echo of his words in your heart. In your entire being. Something moved inside of you. Something moved. It was your hand, reaching for your cell phone. You typed a message to everyone you knew. A simple message:


Come to the beach. Starfish need our help.


You clicked SEND. You put the cell phone back in your pocket. Young You joined the Old Man in picking up starfish, one by one, and returning them to the ocean.


People began showing up at the beach. Each person picking up starfish, one by one, returning them to the ocean.


Some people used their cell phones to send out pictures and videos of what was happening. Some people brought soup and bread and tea for the people. Some people brought musical instruments and began to play and sing.


People working together with joy in their hearts. Making a difference. One by one. The people began to dance with the music. People saw that they, themselves, were making a difference. Not just to the starfish, but also with each other.


And so simply it became a time of great joy and well being. And the sound of that music continued as it weaved its way into the lives of all the people. People who were on the beach that morning and People who had never seen the ocean, never seen a starfish.


What began with You, Young One, and the Old Man that morning awakened the People. That is the story as it was told to me, and I tell now to remind us, the people, that we are the ones we had been waiting for.


I tell the story now, to all who will listen and be stirred to remember and to rejoice. We are the people. We are making a difference now as we did for the starfish that day.

Remember. Awaken. Move. Dance and sing. We are made of starstuff. We are making a difference in this moment. We act in a core dance - accordance with our star selves.


This is the story as it was told to me. So I tell this story to you. So it is and so it continues.

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